Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rhett's Birth Story-Part 1

I'm going to break Rhett's birth story up into a few parts since it's so long and I don't want to forget any details. :) 

So from my last post, I had said I was really discouraged with all the contractions I had been having, but no progress. I had been taking a tylenol pm at night to help me sleep through them and that helped my attitude quite a bit. On Friday, I decided to make the most of what few days we had left and Addi and I had a pretty fun day despite the rain. We went to a music class at the library, then lunch with Josh, then Target. That night was Grant and Loghan's rehearsal dinner. I kept joking that I hoped my water would break in front of everyone, but sadly it did not. Haha! We had a really fun time at the dinner and Addi made a sweet new friend. 

 Saturday, we all slept in and had a lazy day. Addi and I made cupcakes and just kinda hung out and watched movies all day. It was still so nasty outside and cold. Crazy for late March! 
 Addi was dressed so cute for the wedding and was excited about seeing her new friend Annabelle as the flower girl. Although, she kept asking if she could do it. 
 Sweet girl fell asleep on the way there and slept through the whole ceremony! 
This was the best wedding because there was the best food. Fried catfish and chicken fingers!!!
 The girls danced ALL night. It was so cute to watch.
 This was Addi's go to move. Haha! So around 7:30, I had my first contraction. I didn't think anything about it because I had been contracting for weeks. At about 8:30 I told Josh I felt like going home because I just didn't feel good. I couldn't put my finger on it, but looking back now I think that's when the true labor started. I got home about 9:30 and that's when they really started picking up. I still wasn't completely sure if it was the real thing, so we gave it a few more hours. Josh went to the after party and Addi and I hung out and got ready for bed. I put her to bed and called Josh and told him that I was going to go up to triage because they had been consistent for two hours. I texted Treece to go with me just in case it wasn't the real thing, I didn't want Josh to have gone with me twice for a false alarm. Ha! 
 I took one last picture with Addi just in case it was the real thing and I wanted to look back and say, that was my last picture as a mom to one!
Treece was the perfect person to have gone with me to triage. 

She brought a bag just in case and her bag turned out to be a pillowcase. Most hilarious thing EVER.
When I checked in I explained to the nurse that this could be false labor because I had been contracting since 36 weeks and really the only way to tell if it was real if I had dilated anymore. So they hooked me up and the doctor came in and said I was at a 3! I was so excited but she said unless you are at a 4 you aren't in "active labor". So we waited another hour. Treece and I passed the time by watching hilarious youtube videos and cracking ourselves up. It was like 2 in the morning at this point, so delirium had already set in. When the doc came back in and checked me, I was at a 4! So we were officially having a baby at that point. I was so excited, relieved, scared and happy. So many emotions. I called Josh to let him know and he called his dad and Jeanette to come and sit with Addi at the house. 
Yay!!! Labor!!!
This was right before I got in the hospital bed, exactly 39 weeks! 
This concludes the first part. Hopefully it won't take me another week to write the next! :)

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  1. Eeek!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest!!!


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