Monday, October 15, 2012

Addi's Birth-day

So it's almost a month later and I'm just getting around to posting about Addi's actual birthday. Life is busy right now and the ole blog has been put on the back burner for a little while. 

Addi turned 3 on Sept, 24! She got to pick out what to wear this day. Usually she just wears what I have picked out for her, but today I let her choose. Tinkerbell tank, blue pants and a flower in her hair. Adorable.
 We went and picked up Josh for a little birthday lunch downtown! She is a serious Daddy's girl. :) Flying fish was a GREAT choice. So good. 
 We rode the trolley after lunch! 

 Addi wanted to sit by herself for most of the trip. Haha!
 Oh me. Okay so Addi had gymnastics on Monday afternoons and against my better judgement, I took her to class today. She hadn't had a nap and was just hyped up on birthday energy. Well, long story short, Addi got kicked out of class. :( She wasn't sitting still and was disrupting the class. She even got the other kids up and running around. The owner came out carrying Addi about 15 minutes before class got out and said it was best if we just left. Addi really could have cared less, she was asking to go get an ocean water from Sonic. But, on her birthday?!?!?! And they didn't even tell her Happy Birthday. And she's 3!!! Anyways.
 Now it was time to open mommy and daddy's presents!

 This was a deluxe Rapunzel dress with a crown and light up wand. Perfect for when we go to Disney this November!!!

 She was so excited. :)
 At 8:55 exactly 3 years old! 
Addi I hope you had a MARVELOUS birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!


  1. Oh, Addi. You are a mess:-))) A cute little mess!!!<3

  2. she is such a ham! i can't believe she is three already!!


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