Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Fun Day and A First!

Addi and I had the best day today. Since it's officially summer, I've been trying to find fun things for us to do together. Going downtown is an old standby. We always have a blast! Look at how cute this outfit is. I got it at Kelly's Kids. Definitely a splurge, but as soon as I saw it in the catalog, I knew I had to have it. Addi begged for chips this morning. After our monster smoothies, I gave in. :)
This is one of the reasons why I picked going downtown. Flying Fish, fish tacos. YUMMM!!!!! 
Playing in this cool fountain while waiting on the trolley.
Trolley time! 
After we rode the trolley for a little while, we stopped by the Farmer's Market just as they were packing up. We headed back home and decided to stop in to get Addi's hair cut. Her hair is long and fine, and has desperately needed a little trim for awhile now. But, I'm terrified to get it cut, because I don't want her to look older!!! It was stressing me out, but we ran into Pigtails and Crewcuts and got a little trim. I'm pretty sure the stylist thought I was crazy describing what I wanted. Haha. Addi did really good and actually liked having her hair blow dryed. 
She looks a little nervous here, but she did really good.
Silly girl.
The after. Not too much of a difference, which is good. My momma heart probably couldn't handle a big change.
Since we were right by Cupcakes on the Ridge, we stopped in and got one. 
Addi picked double chocolate. 
This was her face after I asked if we could share. Hahahaha!!!!
I love days like this with my little bear. :)


  1. that outfit is ridiculous cute!!! of course the little girl makes it :)

    i've been putting off a hair cut for bg too even though she definitely needs some shaping up! i agree, i don't want her to look too grown!!

  2. I LOVED that little romper in the catalog! It is so stinkin' cute! Grayson asks for chips all.day.long. He's obsessed!

  3. Oh me. So cute! Love the outfit!;)
    I will go with you anytime to flying fish, ha. Love those tacos!!;-)

  4. I am DYING at her face when you asked her to share! Totally something I would do! Haha! Sweet little cutie!!

  5. Girl, she is adorable!!! I can't imagine the things her and Connor would get into I'd they were able to play! They both act much older than they are! You are such a good mommy to go on so many activities all the time. She is one lucky girl! Oh and I love that you call her little bear. I think it's so sweet!!!


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