Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Things to do in Little Rock this Summer

I thought I would write a post about fun things to do with kids in Little Rock! With summer being here, we all need some ideas for keeping the kiddos entertained!

1. Downtown Little Rock
-There is so much to do down here! The Farmer's Market is on Tuesday and Saturday, there is the trolley that only costs $1 and it's free for kids. There are tons of great restaurants and a free splash pad. The Market Hall is also fun to walk around in.

-There is the Museum of Discovery. Really cool kids science museum.

2. Jump Zone
-Oh the kids love this place. Filled with inflatable slides and bounce houses.

3. Jacksonville Splash Zone
-Only $5 and there is a huge area for the little ones, with slides and a shallow wading area.

4. Wonder Place
-I think we will be spending a lot of time here once it gets real hot. You can also catch deals were it's buy one admission get one free, or there is free adult day.

5. Parks
-Our favorites are:
Lake Willastein
Woodland's Edge
Allsop Park

6. Church at Rock Creek
-This is a huge church with a free indoor play place that is super nice. Another plus is they have a Starbucks!!!

7. Chick Fil A
-Can't get any better than this. Yum food and you gotta love a CLEAN playplace!

8. The Zoo
-I really do love our zoo. They have a neat train you can ride, and a smallish little petting zoo type area, except you don't pet the animals. Haha! And penguins!

9. The Library
-You can look up when they are having storytimes. And sometimes they do a fun craft too.

10. Larry's Pizza
-One of Addi's favorite foods is pizza, and they have a really neat arcade room. Really fun.

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  1. I did not know y'all had a splash pad. Will be remembering that next time I'm home!


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