Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Addi at 2.5 years old

I thought I would do a post on Addi since I haven't in awhile. She is at such fun age right now! We are constantly laughing at what she says and does. I love how a toddler's mind works. :)
  • Aggie swag
  • Chick fil A
  • Anything chocolate
  • Papa's House
  • Belle
  • Ms. Maria and Mr. Wayne at school
  • School Buses (OBSESSED)
  • Pretty much any transportation vehicle.(ambulances, firetrucks, tractors, trucks)
  • ABC's
  • The Ipad (or big phone as she calls it)
  • Mommy's phone
  • Janelle and Hadley
  • Cupcakes
  • Fruit snacks
  • The pool
  • Wonder Place
  • Jump Zone
  • The trolley
  • Playing outside (more like sneaking outside through the doggie door while mommy isn't looking)
  • The Tinkerbell movies
  • Super Why, Dora and the Little Einsteins
  • Mommy's sonic drinks
  • playing dress up

  • Veggies
  • Bugs
  • Helping mommy cleanup
  • Hot things (temperature)
  • Being scared (I snuck up and scared her tonight and she cried big tears)
  • Naps
  • Mud and dirt
  • Being told "no"

Just some funnies:
  • One night when we were saying prayers, she thanked God for "her chickens and soccer balls." We don't own either!
  • We went and picked up our friend Michele yesterday for lunch and on the way, Addi said, "yep were gonna go get Michele, but we're not going to scare her!"
  • "I no like it" is a favorite phrase.
  • We were asking Addi what her favorite cupcake was. She declared chocolate, then told us she didn't like vanilla or strawberry cupcakes even though she does.
  • This kid has an incredible memory. Months ago, we had a playdate at our house and she took a toy from Ava. I got onto her and told her to share. Every time I tell her where we are going and if Ava is going to be there, she says, "and I share with Ava." Haha!
  • The past few days Addi has been handing me a "map" and we go find treasures. She completely made this game up on her own.
  • I'll ask Addi what she's doing and she says, "umm nufing!" 
  • She thinks tooting is the FUNNIEST thing in the world. She cracks herself up when she does it.
  • We've been attempting to potty train, but Addi isn't ready. She peed on the floor multiple times one day. I asked her if she did in fact pee on the floor and she said, "yeah, I peed there." 
  • A few times someone has complimented Addi on her bow, saying, "oh that's a pretty bow!" She just says, "yeah!!!" really enthusiastically. 

Oh Addi, you just continue to be such a joy in our lives and to the people around you. We love you so much angel bear!!!!


  1. she is so stinking cute!! and i love her skinny little legs!!

  2. thank goodness our daughters share the same obsession with school buses - i was getting a little worried about mine ;) addi is adorable as always!

  3. What a sweet, precious 2.5-year-old! Miss you guys lots. Must see you soooon!!

  4. She is precious and you are such a good mommy. Love this post.

  5. 1. AGGIE SWAG


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