Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Easter Fun

Last Friday, our playgroup went to a park to have a little Easter egg hunt. Addi wore her chick dress to be festive! :) She always looks so solemn when swinging, but I promise she's having fun.
Sweet bear.
This girl was a total monkey the whole time we were there. Constantly climbing on things and swinging.
Like so.
The spread.
Addi took a 2 minute break to munch a cupcake.
And drink some lemonade. Then it was back to playing.
Or should I say, hunting! This was her first egg hunt of the season. She would pick up an egg, open it, unwrap the candy, eat it, then go find another one. I think she got 4 eggs and then went back to playing.
Surveying the egg's contents with Hadley.
Fruit snacks!!!

She was actually putting eggs in Ava's basket. I know it looks like she's taking them.
Unwrapping more candy. This poor child was on such a sugar high that day. Which meant EPIC NAP. :)
Too busy on the candy to take a pic.
We finally got to see Brittan again! :)
This picture cracks me up. Even now. Anytime I want to laugh, I look at this picture.
Friday night, we went to a service at church. It was very moving and really brought the focus of the weekend to Easter Sunday. We sat in a dark candlelit room and our preacher told the story of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. We laid written prayers at the foot of the cross and sang hymns. It was very solemn, but at the end he said, Sunday is coming. How amazing must it have been to go to the tomb and find it empty. We serve such a powerful Savior!
I attempted to make Cadbury deviled eggs. Nailed it!
Saturday, we went to our usual Milford for lunch. There was a swan sitting on some eggs, so of course the younger members of our party taunted it.
Addi climbed some trees.
Keith got chased by said swan. HA!
I also have to document. Addi picked out her dress this day. I gave her options and she liked the fish dress the most. :)
It was a fantastic weekend.

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  1. I have always loved the contrast between Good Friday service and Easter Sunday! Addi is such a cutie!


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