Thursday, April 12, 2012

All Aboard!

Today, Addi and I went with our Playgroup downtown for a fun filled morning. We started off by riding the trolley. Addi LOVED this. It went over the bridge and all through the downtown area. She called the big buildings, "castles." :)

So excited!

Next stop was the Peabody hotel to watch the ducks. This is a fun tradition the hotel has. Every morning at 11, the ducks come down the elevator and march down to the fountain. It's so cute!

Watching the ducks come down.

We walked around the rivermarket some and then ate lunch and rode on the trolley some more. It was so fun. I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so we went to loca Luna for dinner. Very good! I got back wrapped turkey filets.

Then we went and got some fro yo! Addi pretty much only ate the marshmallows we put in there. Haha!

My loves.

Hope y'all had a great day!!!
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  1. I'm sad we missed out on the trolley fun + ducks. :( And Yogurt Mountain is our new favorite hangout!

  2. Those pictures of Josh and Addi are the cutest!!!


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