Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stress Level: Midnight

Hey everyone! This is just an attempt to catch up since I've seriously slacked in the blogging department lately. So if this is random and incoherent, just skip over and hopefully we will be back to normal soon. :)

Going back to two weekends ago.....Josh made plans for us to spend the weekend at the river house. MAN, did we need it. He and Addi went up a night early and I came down Saturday night. Being on the peaceful river, having basically no cell service and hanging out with friends and eating great food was just what I needed. I came back refreshed and wanting to go back SOON. I love it out there. Addi got to play with Grant, one of her favorite people and discovered she may or may not like fire. She likes it from a distance, but not up close. She will ask us randomly if she can play with fire. We always say no, so don't worry.
Rhen and Michael were here last week!!! This was Addi's face when she saw them pull up. She was beyond excited. Papa made a special meal for their coming home for spring break. Steaks and crab legs. OHHH it was good.

Precious angel.
This is the diva during one of our happy hour trips. I'm pretty sure this was the day that I gave Addi a oreo sonic blast so she would stop fussing so much. We had been to the park with friends and Addi was just having such an off day. Like constant whining. I swear, she cried more that day than she had her whole life. And I couldn't figure out what was wrong! It was so stressful, and my heart goes out to those that have babies with colic. Can't imagine. Thankfully, she hasn't been like that since.
This is Addi's sweet "uncle" Rick. She was conked out in Bravo. It's so funny how we couldn't wake her up in this loud restaurant, but the slightest sound at home will wake her.
This was our St. Patrick's Day party. Josh made his corned beef again, which I didn't taste. Scott made wings that were DELISH! Addi and Lucia were the cutest playing basketball.

Addi was trying to tell her how to shoot it.

Mixed up pics, but this was our playgroup St. Patrick's day at Michelle's!!! Thank you Michelle for hosting. We had a blast and Addi keeps asking to go to Lily's house. :)
Addi asked me to take a picture of her, then made this face.
And again.
I felt like such a doof, but I had to document a day that my hair was fixed and makeup was on. I also wore a maxi dress and LOVED it.
Today, we went to the museum of Discovery. So much fun, but so crazy since it's spring break.
We saw Buddy the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Train!
Hanging by the monkey bars.

Cool letters.
Tornado!!! There was also a tornado simulation, but I was too scared. BAHAHA.
So I think I'm all caught up and hopefully I won't get so behind again!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress!!! that's the fabric we used for some of laney's bedding. it is my absolute favorite. where did you get it?

  2. That love birds smocked dress? Love! I totally need it.


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