Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching Up...Again

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog posting...again. Addi and I are still coughing a little, but feeling lots better! Thanks for all the well wishes! :)

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo with our playgroup! It was such a gorgeous day to go. Temperature was perfect!
Addi enjoyed playing on this little playground maybe more than looking at the animals. Haha!
Look at this elephant doing tricks!!! Ah!
The penguins are my new favorite. It used to be the lemurs, but not anymore. These guys are so energetic and friendly! They swam right around where the kids were the whole time, jumping in the water, just really putting on a show.
Addi loves penguins now.
Addi and Brilie.
To further enjoy the beautiful weather, we laid down a blanket in the backyard and played till it was time for Josh to come home.
Thursday, it stormed pretty much all day. We had planned to go to the park, but we all got the idea to have a PJ/movie playdate. It was SO much fun.
Josh even built a fort for us.
We played dressup. Addi was a"firefly princess."
This girl loves her oreos.
We ordered pizzas, and we also had lots of snacky and sugary type goodies too. YUM.
Becky made homemade cherry limeade that was DELICIOUS!!!! She got the recipe off of Pinterest. It was really good and really easy to make too.
Such a fun and lazy day with friends!

Hope y'all had a great week!!!

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