Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011

Welcome to our home! Today, I am linking up with Kelly, Erin and Nester to show our Christmas decorations. I love decorating for holidays, and Christmas is my favorite!

This is Addi's tree. It's a lime green tree with hot pink mesh and hot pink accents.
The guest bathroom.
The mantle over the fireplace. I really like how this turned out!
Our tree in the living room. I think next year I'm going to find some lime green ornaments to replace the silver ones.
Our side table in the living room.
The nutcracker. His poor nose is missing now.
Entryway table.
By the fireplace.
Kitchen centerpiece.
Dining Room tree. I think next year I am going to do a theme with this one. Right now, it's just pretty basic, because that's all I had time for.
Dining room buffet table, turned card display. I will be looking for cute ways to display cards!

I just cannot keep my dining room table clutter free these days, so imagine it without all the boxes. :)

We also have a tree in our game room, but it has no decorations. I'm not sure why we put it up! Haha! I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas tour!

Merry Christmas!!!


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