Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday night, we took Addi to go see the Lion King!!! This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and I was so excited for Addi to see it. Little bear fell asleep the way there and slept like a rock all through previews and through the very loud musical intro. Of course, she wakes up at home anytime Dixie barks, but booming loud African drums couldn't wake her up this time. Haha! We finally got her to wake up and she enjoyed the movie. She commented through a lot of it, and got a little restless towards the end. :) It was so good and I'm glad we got to see it as a family. After the movie, we went to Outback for dinner. That escapade ended with Josh getting a full glass of ice water dumped on his pants. Ha!

Here are some pictures of Dixie and Belle playing that night.

Saturday, we had some friends over for gumbo and to watch the Razorback game!
Cheese!!! P.S. I have been looking for literally a year and a half for a Razorback smocked dress that wasn't $1,000. I found this one on Spirited Smocking on Facebook for very reasonable. They have lots of other schools too!
Please let me get your picture Addi!
No bake cookies. I ate far too many of these.
Hot Bacon Cheese Dip. Looks kinda gross b/c the oil is seperating, but it was SO good.
GUMBO. Again, kind of an unfortunate picture that doesn't convey the deliciousness.

I was pretty irritated with how the Hogs started off playing. If there is two schools in the SEC that we HAVE to beat, it's A&M and LSU. So, I was a little worried, and the gumbo made me really sleepy so I took a little nap and when Addi and I woke up, I found out we won!!! Yay!!!! Maybe I should sleep through all the games. ;)

We didn't do much Saturday night. Side note, Belle is one of the sweetest puppies ever. Seriously.

Addi didn't go to bed till almost 1 a.m. on Saturday night. No clue why??? So, we missed church this morning and we were pretty lazy all day. I got out to go to Kroger, but that was it. It felt so nice outside though!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

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  1. 1.) Dumb question, but I thought about taking Lily to see Lion King, but it's only in 3D, right? Did Addi actually wear the glasses??! I soooo don't see that happening for Lily...not for more than 10 minutes, at least. :)
    2.) Because of you, I MUST make no-bake cookies tomorrow. Yummmm.


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