Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Storms and Schwarma

The last couple of days in Arkansas, we have had terrible and violent storms. Last night, we went under the house for the first time because there was literally a tornado a couple streets over. Terrifying! Luckily, we just had a few branches down and that was it. There were a couple of towns that weren't so lucky. Keep those people in your prayers because there are supposedly more storms headed down the same path. Here are a few pictures of the storm close to our house.

This one was taken on the 8th floor of Baptist Hospital. It was WAY too close to us.

This one was taken in the Kroger parking lot on Markham. Again, way too close.

On a brighter note, today we went to Jump Zone with our playgroup! We just love this place and our playgroup was the only ones there for most of the time!

These pictures crack me up. I had literally hauled Addi up there and Andrew and Britton ran up there like it was nothing and slid down with us. I was so out of breath!

We ate at Taco Bueno after lunch. It was wild being there with all those kids, especially one little girl named Addi who didn't want to sit down and eat.

We had to run an errand after lunch and I was debating going after Addi's nap, but it was supposed to start storming and I wanted to get it over with so we wouldn't have to go back out. Mistake!!! Addi was so exhausted she was past taking a nap. She would just cry and throw her cow. Oh it was a miserable afternoon! Ha! She was so cranky and fussy and I was counting down the minutes until bedtime! I'm glad that there haven't been any storms tonight so she can sleep!

For dinner, I made Chicken Schwarma. When I was pregnant with Addi, I left my job a month early so during that month, I watched ALOT of food network. This is one of those recipes that if I wasn't watching Guy Fieri make it, I probably wouldn't have tried it, but I'm glad I did! This is SO good! Here is the recipe. We like to eat it with naan and tzakiki sauce.

I am hoping and praying tonight is calm and tornado free!

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. You make some of the most creative stuff! Looks so yummy. : )

  2. We had so much fun today!!
    I made Lily a ham sandwich for dinner. Now I feel like crap. :)

  3. That chicken look AMAZING! I think I'll be trying that recipe!

  4. Glad youre safe!! I am so glad it didnt get as rough last night as they said!

    I love the slide. I may like it more than my kids:)

    Chicken looks yummo!

  5. EEK! I didn't know they were that bad. It looks like the one in Tuscaloosa today! I'm glad y'all are ok. And that you have a basement!

    Oh and it goes without saying, but Addi is just tooooooo cute!


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