Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Just get ready for a TON of pictures. I took one picture last Easter, so I'm making up for it this year. :) I got Addi's Easter bucket all ready Saturday night and had it waiting for her Sunday morning.

Addi enjoyed eating sausage balls for breakfast. She was a sleepy bear and I had to wake that child up so we wouldn't be late for church!

Despite my best efforts, we only had time for a few pictures before leaving the house and we decided to save Addi's Easter basket until we came home. Oh and this was Addi's first dress. I had bought this one before I knew Josh's grandma had made her one, so we just did an outfit change after church.

I will admit, Satan really tried to steal my joy this morning. We were rushing and all of my "plans" like opening the Easter baskets didn't go how I wanted and just other silly things caused me to be upset. I'm so glad it didn't last long. As soon as we started church, it was like everything negative just went out the door and all I was focused on was the glorious news that He is RISEN! Oh my word, the worship was just amazing. One of the things that stuck with me was when someone said, "A thief on Friday and a King on Sunday." So powerful.

After church, we headed to Searcy to have a big Easter lunch with all of Josh's family! It was so much fun and Addi had a blast. She absolutely loves dogs and all she kept saying was, "puppy!!!" when she saw Duchess or Elliot! It was so cute.

Josh's grandma made a huge turkey dinner and we ate ourselves silly. After lunch, we headed outside to do the big Easter egg hunt.

Sorry, that was an obnoxious amount of photos! At first, Addi didn't really get into the whole hunting eggs deal. Once she found out there were m&m's in them, she changed her mind real quick and hunted those things down! She's a smart kid. We paused to take a few family shots.

After all the eggs were found, Josh's grandma and aunt divided us up into teams and we set out on an Easter themed scavenger hunt. Did I mention this is the most creative family ever?

Some of the guests couldn't handle the excitement. :) I told Josh that it was like looking 50 years into our future. Ha!

After the scavenger hunt was over, we played capture the egg! It was basically like capture the flag, but instead of a flag, it was a giant egg. We divided up into teams and I had one of the jobs of guarding the egg since I'm not the fastest runner. Shocking I know. We won the first two games, Josh used to play football and that worked greatly to our advantage, but the third game our egg got took pretty quickly. I will say trying to outrun a spry 15 year old boy is near impossible for this ole gal. Since we did win the majority of games, we got a candy bar and a $5 bill. Sweet!

We did get a visitor from this horrifying creature. P.S. it was MUCH larger in real life. And Josh kept acting like he was throwing it on me, and I would literally scream every single time. Doesn't matter if he's joking! I HATE spiders!!!

When all those festivities were done, we went to Josh's dad's house to find our Easter baskets! This year we all got swimsuits and I LOVE mine to pieces. Jeanette did an AMAZING job picking it out.

Addi was BEYOND exhausted by the end of the day. She was a trooper and was still a happy little lamb despite a non existent nap.

When we got home, we let Addi open her Easter bucket. She was pretty excited about all the things she got. One of them was an Elmo book and she pointed and said, "Elmo!" about a dozen times. :)

This was also part of her Easter basket, but I gave it to her a few days early. I ordered it from PolkaTot designs.

And if your wondering who that random dog is, it's Libby. We stole her from Josh's dad's house. She is the sweetest dog ever!!! Sorry for the incredible amount of pictures and jabbering. I applaud you if you made it this far!

I hope y'all had a Happy Easter!!!


  1. I just died at the picture of Addi in her carseat. Oh my. She is precious and looks pretty pumped to have that happy meal!

  2. I made it to the end, do I get a prize? ha Glad you guys had a super fun Easter!!! Satan tried to get me every Sunday!!! See you soon!!!

  3. I've finally just come to accept (and expect) that NOTHING will ever, ever, ever go according to plan as long as a toddler's involved. :) But it looks like you guys had a marvelous day anyways!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing...Loved the yellow dress and undies with the little chick... did you get a family big picture to post of everyone? Are you going to keep Libbey? They are great dogs...I am so so happy that you and Josh are so happy!!! Love the bathing suit...I am sure pool with be open soon...wish I could figure out how to post you pictures to show you some pictures...well one day I will figure it out and maybe even get a I just love yours... Aunt Jean

  5. What a fun day!! I love addi's little dresses and those bloomers were to die for!!!

  6. Love all the photos! Your little family is so stinkin' adorable! Y'all looked great in your Easter gear!

    Still love the bunny! :)

  7. Did you make the yellow dress? It is ADORABLE! And I love the matching panties! So cute!


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