Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Weekend!

I can't believe it's been almost a whole week since I posted last! Addi has been kinda sick this past week and between that and working on orders, there hasn't been much time in between! But, this weekend we had so much fun.

Friday morning, Addi had a breakfast that consisted mostly of dried fruit. That is probably her most favorite food right now. She loves the dried strawberries the best.

Afterwards, we went and played outside. We were sad to find that it was very chilly and yucky so we didn't stay out for very long.

Josh went quail hunting in South Arkansas that night so me and Addi bear had a girl's night! Haha, we watched Ice Age 3 and shared Wing Stop for dinner.

Saturday morning, Addi and Dixie watched some cartoons together while they "woke up". Both of them are big time sleepy heads in the morning, so they just like to sit on the couch and Addi drinks her milk for a little bit, and then she is off!

Later on that day, we met up with Sara and Lola at Zaza's for lunch! I gave both the girl's oreos and they LOVED them! They were cracking me up because they both had it all over their faces!

After Addi's nap, we played in her room for awhile waiting on Josh to get home!

Ummm...this picture terrifies me because Addi locked the door to her room. I told Josh and he said, "I'm betting I'm called home from work soon to come unlock her door." Probably!

That night, we went over to Carson and Keith's house for dinner! Keith grilled lemon pepper pork chops and they were so good! Addi was being a crazy girl and was getting into everything and kept wanting to climb up and down their stairs. After dinner, we were watching an episode of Criminal Minds and Addi wasn't really watching it except for one part and it was where a guy strangled a girl. Addi FREAKED out!!! She is super sensitive to violence.

We didn't make it to church this morning. Addi had a rough night and so we thought it was best that she got some rest this morning. We did go to Mimi's for lunch and it was very good. We went there because breakfast sounded good to me, but once we ordered I ended up getting a grilled cheese, haha.

We have just had a very relaxing afternoon and evening. Although, we did get some hail late this afternoon!

Josh made pancakes for dinner and they were SOOO good.

Addi helped with some chores.

This little miss ate 3 cuties tonight! She kept going up to Josh and doing her happy dance and then she would stuff a bunch of slices in her mouth then run off. We were cracking up!

Oh and I finally have Addi's Easter outfit all together! Now I just have to find a dress for me!

Sorry for the overload of pictures! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I cant belive yall are still having COLD weather! I am LOVING Addi's Easter Dress! So adorable

  2. I was starting to worry! It's not like you to go a whole week without posting!! :)
    And now I want pancakes and Oreos - thanks. ;)

  3. LoVe her Easter dress!! too cute! she is adorable!! and hail...much better than the snow we got!!

  4. The Easter outfit is ADORABLE! :D

    OH, AND Zaza's, like RIGHT by my house????? Not nice...hmpf! ;)

  5. Easter outfit is pure cuteness! I keep meaning to post Lola's but I haven't been a good blogger here lately!

    Thanks for having lunch with us! We had a blast!


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