Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Addi-18 Months

So, I definitely missed the 17 month post. I just kept thinking that I wrote it and when I went to write this one I looked back to find that I did not in fact write it. :( Anyways, can someone stop Addi from growing up so fast? Seriously, it is so crazy how fast time is flying.

Addi you are 18 months old!!! What are you up to?

I'm not real sure how much you weigh, I'm guessing around 26 or 27 lbs. You are in a size 5 diaper right now. We still haven't had to buy diapers yet! Thank you Children's Nutrition Study! :)

You LOVE to entertain people. You are such a little ham. I think making people laugh is one of your favorite things to do. What a joy you are!

You love taking care of your babies and you know to put them to sleep in their pack and play when I ask you to.

You are repeating ALOT of words right now! It's so crazy to think in a couple of months you will be talking like a little grown up!

Also, you were playing Peek a Boo Wild the other day and you were saying the animals when they came on the screen...before the person says the animal name! We were blown away.

You are a busy BUSY little bee. You are always on the go and always getting into things. There are very rare moments when you are still. But I cherish those moments because sometimes you let me cuddle you and you ALMOST fall asleep and it is the sweetest.

You are really uninterested in Dixie right now. Y'all used to be best friends, but you could care less about what she is doing. Did y'all have a fight? :)

You have started showing some signs of stubborness (insert huge amount of sarcasm.) Haha. You are JUST like your daddy in that you have to do it YOUR way. P.S. Josh was in velcro shoes till he was 5 or 6 because he wanted to tie his shoes himself, but couldn't, so to not waste an hour every morning his mom put him in velcro shoes. Sorry Josh, had to tell that. He is also one of the smartest and most driven people I know, so it's not such a bad quality. But, I ordered "The Strong Willed Child" last week. :)

You also have started hitting a little. You have hit Dixie a couple of times and you smacked your daddy and me in the face once. You think it's HILARIOUS. But, we tell you that is not what nice sweet girls do. Thankfully, she hasn't hit another child yet, and maybe we won't have that problem.

Most of the time you are a very sweet girl. You love to give us hugs and kisses, and you say "awww" and pat our backs. It is so sweet.

Your favorite person right now is your Grandpa. Oh. My. Word. When he walks into the room, you immediately want him to hold you and you cry when he leaves. You call him "Pa-Pa." So sweet!

Going back to the stubbornness thing, if we try to stop you or take something away that your trying to get into, you arch your back and yell and kick your feet. Usually, once I distract you with something else you are fine, but sometimes it can be a little dramatic. Haha.

You are beginning to come into that "pretend" stage. You like to sit at your little table and drink and pour your tea out of your teapot. It's so cute!!! You also put your babies in your shopping cart and "grocery shop". You LOVE to vacuum and you like to get out the real mop and go to work. What a domestic little lady!

Addi, we love you SO very very much. You are just the light of our lives and we couldn't be more happier. I can't believe that you are growing up so fast. Please stop. :)


  1. Happy 18 months to Addi!
    Looking forward to Thursday!!

  2. Happy 18 Months Addi!!! You are so sweet!!!!

  3. Her little smile is just precious! Happy 18 months! (They do grow waaaayyy to fast!!) :-)


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