Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Weekend!

On Friday, we got a snow day! Josh still went to work because the roads weren't that bad, but it snowed mostly all day so me and Addi didn't get out at all. Addi surprised me by immediately going to get a bow as soon as she got out of her crib. :)

Addi has had a little cold the past few days so on Friday all she really wanted to do was cuddle and watch movies. Which we did! Addi also showed off her new mopping skills! This is one of her favorite things to do now. Not complaining ONE BIT! Haha!

That night during her bath, Addi shared some of her bath water with Dixie. Poor Dixie was apparently dying of thirst because Addi put some dog food in her water bowl. I hadn't seen it and Dixie almost jumped in the tub with Addi just to get some water. :( I find myself changing Dixie's water three times a day.

We really did get snowed in Friday night, we even had a car get stuck in our yard. Saturday morning we made a delicious breakfast of buttermilk cheddar biscuits, southwestern breakfast taquitos, and hash browns. Sooo good. Addi was feeling a little better so she was showing off with some hilarious faces.

We finally got one sweet picture.

Saturday night, Josh headed to Searcy to have a guy's night, so me and Addi got some Mexican food and had a girl's night! Actually, after she went to bed I went to work! I sewed/embroidered for about five hours before my needle got caught on sleeve of a shirt I was embroidering, and broke. :( Josh knows how to fix it so I went to bed! Addi woke up a little while after I went to bed coughing, she has some gunk in her chest right now so hopefully she can get over it soon. Anyways, so Sunday morning we both slept in late. After breakfast, Addi colored for a little bit.

And then she got stuck in the laundry hamper.

We then got ready and went to Searcy! Josh's dad throws a superbowl party every year and it does not disappoint. We always have a great time pigging out on the great food. I don't think I watched a minute of the game because I was having too much fun catching up with friends. I present to you now: Super Bowl 2011.

Today, we went and ate lunch with one of our besties, Michele! And then she even accompanied us on a Kroger trip, it was wonderful. And Addi gave her sweet hugs.

And then she was silly again.

I hear we are supposed to get anywhere from 8-11 inches of snow on Wednesday! I'm excited, but at the same time Josh HAS to finish an experiment Wednesday afternoon so I'm hoping he can still make it up there safely!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. First of all, I am sad that we will possibly miss our second play time... I was really looking forward to getting out and just hanging out with you!!!
    Second, LOVE LOVE Addi's shirt for the game day! And that food is yummy to my tummy!!!
    Last but not least, Addi is precious! I love all her expressions! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. I too loved Addi's shirt for the game although I'll be honest it would have looked MUCH better with "Go Steelers!" Maybe they would have won then. So sad we missed it. I think that's the first in 5 years. =(

  3. I've gotta start reading your blog on a full stomach or something. ;) My GOSH, that food looked GOOD!!!!
    Oh, and Addi looks cute and all too, but you already knew that. :)
    See you tomorrow??


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