Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Day

If this post sounds strange or really random, here is why, I stayed up till 3 A.M. last night embroidering! Crazy I know, but I was just in a zone and I got so much done. It's starting to get REALLY addicting. I had to stop because my machine started to smell like burnt rubber! I think it was trying to tell me it needed a break. I need a name for my machine too, I'm still thinking about one! Any suggestions?

Anyways, so today we went to a super fun play date over at our friend Cheryll's house. We had a great group of moms there and all the kids had a blast playing together.

I made a butterfinger cake to share, I wish I would have gotten a picture, but it's nothing pretty, but it sure is good! I got the recipe from here. It was SOOO good and SOOO easy. Can't get better than that!

After our play date, Addi and I ran errands. We are supposed to be getting the snowstorm of a lifetime tomorrow, so I wanted to get some things taken care of in case we are snowed in for awhile. I'm excited about all the snow coming, but Josh has to finish one of his work things tomorrow at 3 and I'm just getting worried that he is going to get stuck up there or have problems coming back home. (Would y'all say a prayer for him to make it home safely? Thank you!) When we got back to the house, I let Addi watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since we missed it this morning. Oh my word, she was SOO excited! She started breaking it down during the opening music and then at the end during the hot dog dance. This is a clip that I got of her dancing. It cracks me up!

This little girl keeps me on my toes for sure!

So here are few things I finished. I just really love creating things for people!

Oh and for dinner, I made Pioneer Woman's chicken picatta. It was so good. Here is the recipe.

Hope y'all had a great day! Stay warm tomorrow!


  1. Adorable hot dog dance! Lily used to LOVE her some Hot Dog song, but now it makes her sad b/c it means Mickey Mouse is over. :)
    Mmmmm, chicken picatta.
    Had fun today, and our shirts are precious!!

  2. Haha... Love watching kids dance! Isn't it funny how they learn to do that on their own?!

    Ok. Those shirts are adorable! And I'll just die if that bunny is for my Connor!

    I have started a Beth moore study with a group of girls here and it made me so excited for April. Is that still happening? Do we need to go ahead and buy tickets?

    Praying for Josh to make it home quickly and safely!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress Addi is wearing! Is there any way I could have a short sleeve one for Hannah?? What are the options on that style dress?? Just email me ;)

  4. Did you make that dress??? I absolutely LOVE IT!! I need one for Olivia!

  5. So glad you guys got to come over today...was missing you two pretty ladies! ;). Love you guys!


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