Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ultimate Tailgate

So this weekend, the Hogs had a big match-up against LSU. LSU is my least favorite team in the SEC and their fans are so obnoxious. One of Scott's friends had this sweet RV(yes RV's are sweet) so they decided to do the ultimate tailgate. They got set up in the RV tailgating section close to the game. We were right in the middle of Tiger country though! There were tons of LSU fans around us! Anyways, so they smoked a brisket, we had leftover fried turkey, Scott grilled hamburgers and brats and I brought brownie pillow cookies and a dip. There was so much food. I was still full from all of our Thanksgivings, but it was so good!!!

Addi enjoyed the oreos very much!

She was cracking us up with these sunglasses.

Friday night, despite being WORN out from getting up at 4:30 for Black Friday, I decorated our house for Christmas!!! I just couldn't wait any longer. These are just some of the tubs with all our decorations. Overboard much?

Addi woke up about 11:30 and I nearly cried. I had just finished decorating and all I wanted to do was lay down, but she had other plans! So we stayed up for a little longer and played. Addi has been walking a lot more, just not consistently. On Thanksgiving she was walking and carrying a tray, but as soon as we looked at her she sat down. Oh me.

Luckily, Addi was easy to put down after playing and she slept till....11 the next morning!!! She must have known that I needed sleep badly! Haha! We got ready and headed to tailgate central!

I was so glad to see all these girls!!!

I got this pic from Tamra's blog, but it cracks me up!!!

That night it got a little cold so I was glad I dressed Addi in her hog sweatsuit! She is so busy, she just kept stacking things or emptying stuff and putting it back in boxes, it was cracking us up.

I am proud to say that the Hogs WON!!! We were so excited!!! That means we are going to the Sugar Bowl!!! :)

Oh and I have some cute pics of Addi from today after church...and Addi got to meet Santa for the first time this afternoon!!! She liked him a lot!

Sorry for the picture overload! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. How fun! And Addi's red dress is To Die for!!!!!

  2. Had so much fun tailgating with you guys!! Glad ya'll let us crash with Andrew and Janelle!

  3. So fun! Ryan's step-bro went to LSU, me...I KNOW obnoxious! LOVE the Santa pics and precious red Addi dress. Oh, and please tell Addi she needs to have a talk with Lily about the Santa thing. :) Lily keeps telling me all the stuff she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas, but only if she doesn't have to actually see or talk to him, and only if he doesn't say "ho, ho, ho." That freaks her out. :)


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