Monday, November 29, 2010

Addi-14 Months

Addi you are 14 months old! I can't believe how big your getting and what a personality you have! You are always making us laugh with the silly things you do.

Your favorite things right now are:

The Iphone. Oh my word, you will squeeze your fists and shake if I try to take it from you. You love to play the peekaboo games and you pretend to talk on it too, it makes us laugh to hear you babbling on and on.

Your cow. You have to have this when you go to sleep. I need to take a picture of it, but it's just your standard stuffed cow.

You love to "work." You will stack, unstack, load, unload, empty and refill almost anything. Examples: tupperware, we have a cabinet full of preserves and the diaper bag are your favorites. It's hilarious because you are so intent and you will just do your little task for SOOO long.

You are a little daredevil and it makes you so happy when we swing you up and around and throw you on the bed. You laugh SOO hard!

You really like chairs. We are getting you a princess chair for Christmas, because anytime your over at someone's house who has a little chair, you sit there the entire time.

You are walking more I'm proud to say! You still will not walk on command and you will sit down if you think we are trying to get you to walk. Your very sneaky. We have seen you walking and as soon as we start to praise you, you sit down. Oh me. Today though, you took 6 steps! I think you'll be walking more very soon!

You have also started repeating words. They don't always sound very clear, but it always surprises us when you say things back. Funniest/sweetest examples: baboon and I love you.

Addi we love you so much!!! You are the light of our lives and we are blessed to call you our daughter.


  1. Happy 14 months to Miss Addi! What an adorable sweetheart!!

  2. Addie Great Great Aunt Jean here... If you get to read this post you will know how much you are loved... I have watch you grow up on Facebook and I must say you are so so photo...gen..ic! Your mom and dad are the Best you won the lottery when you pick them for parents...

  3. It feels like yesterday she was so tiny and helpless... She's beautiful!


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