Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homecoming Weekend Part 3

This is the last recap I promise! Haha! So Sunday morning, Addi woke up at her usual time. I was worried that the time change would mess with her, but it didn't. I got brave and decided to go to church by myself! Addi looked so cute in her little smocked dress. This is another one of Great Grandma Fran's creations.

"Helping" with her shoes.
So when I went to get Addi from the church nursery, I was very suprised to hear that she was unhappy for some of the time. She usually does GREAT in the nursery and is too distracted by all the fun things to even get upset. Well the nursery worker was even like, I really wish I would have gotten your number so I could have texted you to come get her. Oh no! Apparently, she cried hard for about 10 minutes and then they found a new toy for her to play with and after that she was good. I felt terrible!!! I guess she was just really tired and is getting more vocal about showing her emotions. Poor thing.
Skyping with Daddy and Grandpa before church. They missed her a lot. :)

The classic after nap face. Ha!

We ran to Target and did our weekly grocery shopping trip this afternoon. When we were checking out in Kroger, Addi started grabbing things off the belt and putting them back in the cart. It was hilarious, but hard to try to keep her in the cart and the groceries on the belt. I gave her my phone to play her new favorite game, Peekaboo Wild. She started SCREAMING when the animals wouldn't come on the screen fast enough. Lord have mercy. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Anyways, so after that we met up with a blogger friend, Whitney, to get my new green pumpkin from her!
This is a picture from Whitney's blog, but that is what the pumpkin looks like. So cute!!!

I'm so glad we got to meet Whitney! You are so sweet! I'm sorry that Addi tried to pull your earrings out. Haha!

So now, Addi is in bed, I am relaxing by watching the new Real Housewives of Atlanta. I may attempt to make some pumpkin bread in a bit, or I may go to bed!!! This day has felt like Addi has said, "welcome to toddlerhood mama!"

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


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  1. Precious after-nap face!
    Welcome to toddlerhood!!!!! :)


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