Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homecoming Weekend Part 2

Saturday, we slept in a little bit since Addi had a late night. Once we got up and ready, we headed to Searcy! But, first we stopped at Starbucks. Momma needed one of these!

It's a peppermint white mocha. I start drinking these at the start of the holiday season. I love the red cups!

Our first stop in Searcy was Landon and Cassie's apartment. Sherrill(Landon's sister) was in town for Homecoming with her sweet and adorable daughter Annalise! Addi was still a little tired I think, because she threw a mini fit when Annalise "borrowed" one of her toys. We had a good talk on sharing and how sweet and nice girls share. :)

Going through the diaper bag, Addi's favorite pastime.

Addi and Cassie.

Annalise likes to be "whooshed"! Haha!

Don't you love Annalise's coat? So cute!

Thanks for a great time girl's!!!

Addi and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to see Lila! Addi's other boyfriend, Brooks, was out there too! Brook's grandma is neighbor's with Addi's grandpa and Lila. Brooks isn't real sure about Addi. Haha!

I made Addi's "homecoming dress". It's a little small, so we might turn it into a shirt.

Our plan was to go to the actual game, but Addi had a different idea. She desperately needed a nap so we headed to Mur's hotel and got Addi a good nap in. By the time she woke up, the game was over. Haha! So much for my plans! When Addi saw Granddad it was like she remembered how he takes her anywhere she wants to go, and so she just cheesed and reached for him. Of course, they took off and walked around to wherever Addi wanted to go. After awhile, Granddad needed a break so we sat down at the little coffee place in the hotel. Mur was holding Addi and we had been going over names a little bit before. Well, Addi said what sounded very much like Granddad and reached out to him! We couldn't believe it!!! So cute. We went to Who Dat's for dinner with Skipper and Emma and Emma's friend. They have the best cajun food!

When we got home, Addi was ready for bed. I laid her down and she fell asleep pretty quick. I accidentally woke her up and so she would not go back to sleep for anything! I decided just to let her play until she got tired again.

The call was for the dolphin, obviously.

Addi slept great that night! I am so happy, we both needed it!

Okay, I have one more part and that will wrap up the weekend!!!

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