Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Lovelies

Today, Addi got several early birthday presents! She got a birthday card from Uncle Dennis today that had Elmo on it. Addi has never seen Elmo before, but she "talked" to her Elmo card and just cheesed for like 10 minutes, so cute! I think we might be needing an Elmo outfit soon, Ashley! Haha!

Addi was having so much fun playing with her sound machine this afternoon! She especially loved the heartbeat sound.

After we got ready, we headed to Searcy! I needed to drop Dixie off at Skipper's and run by Fran's to get a couple of things. But first, we stopped at Mimi and Dennis' for a little visit!

Addi had a BLAST playing with these diapers!

She loved "riding" with Uncle Dennis!

We spent a little time with Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Grandpa and Lila!

Now onto the lovelies...Fran is an amazing seamstress and surprised me today with 5 smocked outfits! Whoa!!! I had asked her to make a cupcake smocked dress for Addi's birthday (which I'm saving for Sunday) and she made these too!

The brown one has ruffles on the back and there are purple ruffled bloomers for the green one. I'm in love!!!

And...I won this little pretty off of Ebay tonight! It's a Kelly's Kid's dress, but I just couldn't pay $50 for a new one, sorry Addi! But, I'm so excited for her to wear this around Christmas this year!

Oh and we also got Addi's shirt back from Hollie! It. Is. Precious!!!!

Hope y'all had a great day!!!


  1. If you ask Lily, Elmo's the BEST, next to Abby Cadabby, of course. :)
    And every mama should have a Fran! What sweet little outfits!!

  2. I love the Zebra dress! We will have to dress the girls up and let them match! And wow Fran has been busy!!! So sweet!!!

  3. Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop. Lovely BLog!! You can find me at

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!


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