Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend with Friends

We had an amazing weekend!! On Friday, Josh celebrated being an official phd. candidate by sleeping in till noon. :) It was fun to eat lunch with him at the house. Of course, Dixie and Addi are the scavengers and wanted what he was eating!

Friday night, Scott and J came and watched Addi while me and Josh went on a date night!

We went to the Butcher Shop for dinner. It was AMAZING! We ate entirely way too much. I think we both had a great time not having to worry about keeping Addi entertained or giving her snacks throughout the meal! Then we went to see Inception. It was INCREDIBLE!!! I highly recommend that everyone watch it. It's so intense and mind boggling, but in a good way! After the movie, we talked about it till we went to bed. Then it was the first thing we talked about in the morning. Ha! We grabbed some ice cream after the movie, I'm obsessed right now with Maggie Moo's pistachio ice cream with chopped almonds. Soo good!

Addi went on a little date with Grandpa and Lila too! They took her to The Pantry and apparently she really liked the bread there. I don't think Addi missed us too much! Thanks for letting us get out!

Saturday morning, we had doughnuts and coffee. Addi loved the little glazed donut holes. After her morning nap, we headed to Searcy for Whitney's graduation lunch! Addi had a blast playing with Eden.

We ran a couple of errands after lunch and then headed out to Scott's house.

Sweet friends Hannah and Whitney came out!

Addi wore herself out again swimming! She was so exhausted by bedtime! For dinner, Josh grilled steaks and shrimp, and we also had salad and baked potatoes. It was so good!!!

Hadley and Addi also had a ton of fun playing together. The loved jumping on the couch and playing with the watermelon.

Addi went to bed pretty easy after dinner and we had a great time visiting with everyone. Rhen and Hadley had a great time too playing on the couch.

We were sad to see everyone leave! I am proud to say that Addi slept through the night without a peep and we had to wake her up at 8:30! She was apparently not ready to get up though, because after her bottle and a little play time she was ready to take a nap! We were just lazy most of Sunday and when we got home, Josh thought it would be a good time to start organizing our drawers and closets. Boooo. It didn't last long, because he saw the extent of chaos that is our storage spaces and decided to leave it be. Yay! And in other good news, tonight was the start of Shark Week!!! I love love love this week, I'm obsessed with sharks and LOVE anything about them. I'm also deathly afraid of sharks, so these shows give me slight panic attacks too! Ha! Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Go see Inception and tune into Shark Week!


  1. how fun! okay, Ive got to watch some of this Shark Week that everyone is talking about!

  2. I love Addison's monogrammed onesie! Also, I got that yellow shirt you commented about at Target! My favorite:)

  3. I have a thing for sharks (and All Things Aquatic, really) too! We go on "shark dives" sometimes with nurse sharks (not scary ones!), and you can actually hold and pet 'em, which is sorta neat. :)


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