Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Monday

Today me and Addi had what I like to call a "re-cooperating day" from our weekend. We had a very lazy morning and just played and didn't get out of our pj's till that afternoon.
When Addi was down for her morning nap, I didn't do much around the house, just kinda picked up and mostly looked at blogs and facebook. Ha! We went to Walmart that afternoon and we weren't two seconds in the door before this sweet old lady was talking to Addi. Of course, Addi loved it and gave her the best smile. The lady said that made her day and I'm so glad that Addi can be a blessing to others with her friendly little personality!
We ran a few more errands before coming home, one of which was going by Sonic happy hour. Had to happen.
Then we got a visit from Aunt Rhen and Lila! And they brought Addi's new rug! It smelled kinda funky at first, but I think it just needed to air out a little bit. It's so soft and Dixie LOVES it! She rolls around and rubs her face on it.

Sadly I had to give up the Tahoe back to Jeanette, but I had forgotten how much I love the Honda! And it is super clean thanks to J!
Josh had to stay close to the lab this evening, so for dinner we all went to Sushi Cafe in the Heights. We were so excited to finally try this place, we've heard so many good things about it. Sadly, we were VERY disappointed. I ordered crab wontons and a ginger salad. The salad was very good, but the wontons tasted like cheesecake. Which if they were a dessert, they would have been wonderful, but I don't want my appetizer to taste like a dessert, especially if it has crab in it. Josh got a Kobe hot dog with sweet potato fries and a spicy tuna roll. He said it was good, but not worth the price. Sad day!
Addi probably didn't even look at us during the entire meal, unless she was reaching back around to get more crunchies. She was staring at the sushi guy or our waitress the whole meal!

I had quite a time getting her to sleep tonight. Actually, let me rephrase that, I didn't actually get her to sleep, Josh did! She just didn't want to go to sleep and would scream if I put her down. Whew, very frustrating! Josh came home early from playing tennis and played with her then rocked her till she was down for the night. I don't know how single parents do it all!
Tonight was also a new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey! Ahhhh I love this show so much! It was a good episode, although I think I saw wayyyy to much of Danielle and Kim G. Ewwww....
Tomorrow we are going to Searcy! I'm getting my hair done and Addi gets to see her Grandpa who she has missed very much! There will probably be some pool action also. :)

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