Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend was so much fun and it went by so quickly! I can't believe it's Sunday already! Saturday morning I woke up and was very surprised that Addi had slept through the night. I guess on Friday she was so tired she didn't eat hardly anything so I was really worried she would be waking up quite a bit, but she didn't!

Poor little thing must have been exhausted! Anyways, we dressed Addi super cute and even distracted her long enough to get a picture of her with a bow in her hair before we went to Searcy.

Once we got to Searcy we changed into our swimsuits and jumped in the pool! I was worried Addi would have a fear of water since her last two swim adventures didn't go so well, but she loved it! She sat in her little inflatable tube thing for a long time just watching all the kids play. Now, she didn't like it if she got splashed, but luckily that didn't happen very often.

After we swam for awhile, we ate lunch. Scott had smoked some chicken legs and put a carribean jerk spice on them, they were sooooooooo good! We also had hot dogs, hamburgers, Jeanette's amazing cheese dip and fruit. I also made deviled eggs for the first time! Yes, I realize that as much as I claim to be a true Southerner I am lacking in some of the most fundamental things, like never eating/making deviled eggs. Addi decided she didn't want to take a nap so we brought a blanket outside and watched everybody play volleyball. We had a little picnic with some crunchies and juice. Addi would lay down for brief periods like she was trying to go to sleep, but would pop back up because she didn't want to miss anything.

After the volleyball game we went inside to eat some yummy ice cream cake. We decided to head back to Little Rock after that, since Addi was so tired. She fell asleep as soon as we started the car and didn't make a peep till we were taking the exit home. We got Papa John's for dinner, for some reason I have been craving Papa John's pizza so Josh finally gave in and got it! We tried to feed Addi this gerber graduates meal that was little raviolis, but she didn't want anything to do with it, I guess I was wrong about her being ready for more grown-up food! She happily ate a huge jar of sweet potatoes instead.
There was a little suprise waiting for me when I got home! I had sent my aunt a couple of things of Addi's that I wanted her to monogram and they came back today! They are so precious, she did such a great job. Fran sewed most of these, that's why they look so good!

We just relaxed Saturday night and watched an old rerun of SNL before bed. On Sunday we heard a great sermon. Our church has been reading through the Bible since January and today we were on a passage in Song of Solomon. I wasn't real sure where our preacher was going with it, but he did a lesson on staying faithful to your spouse and kind of a his needs her needs style sermon. We had to get Addi out of the nursery early, because one of the teachers was leaving early so we went home and put her down for a nap. We had a short little nap then ate lunch. Josh left this afternoon to go fishing with some of his friends. I hope he catches lots of catfish so we can have a fish fry! He showed me a picture of one that his friend had already caught and it was HUGE. I would be way to scared to fish with things like that in the water! Me and Addi have a girl's night planned. We are going to watch The Blind Side finally, at least part of it before she has to go to bed and eat some yummy dinner. Tomorrow we plan on hitting up some of the Memorial Day sales! Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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