Sunday, August 24, 2014

Addis Week in Texas

Last week, addi spent the whole week visiting Josh's aunt and uncle and Mur and grandad in Texas. She had a blast but we missed her!!
I think Rhett enjoyed the extra one on one time though. ;)
She asked to go back right after josh picked her up. Haha!
The weather was so nice and cool. We spent an afternoon at the park one day.

I enjoyed a moms night out!
We took Rhett to eat Mexican and he was a little ham.
Poor bubba passed out in the car. Wearing long sleeves in July?!?! 
Sweet boy.

We were so glad to get addi back home! We missed her so much!!
Sunday, josh took addi golfing. She asked me to look for her on tv. We had been watching the masters. Lol!
And then we died from sweetness! 
Pardon the messy kitchen, but we turned on finding nemo and Rhett climbed up in a chair and got all cozy to watch. Haha.
Fun after baths!

Cute bubbers.
Monday we went to fbc to have lunch and play with friends.

Great start to our week!

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