Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Randoms on a Rainy Day

Hey friends! I hope the storms missed y'all. We mostly just had heavy rain here. It made for a nice little lazy day. Although anytime it thundered, addi shot me a look like, "run for it!!!" Haha. She's been making me laugh all day. 

Have y'all tried these?? I hate Greek yogurt but these are insanely good! This and the key lime might be my favorites. I found them at target yesterday and bought all they had. 
We all stayed in our pjs today and cuddled and watched movies. Specifically, rise of the guardians. I rented it at red box yesterday. It's a really cute movie! 
Rhetters was sooo sleepy all day! It must have been the relaxing rain. I know I wanted to nap too but there just never was an opportunity. 
Addi found this bug book and read it to me all day. Then she would pretend to be "baby addi" and I had to read it to her. The way she pretended to be a baby was to make an L sound before every word. It was cracking me up!!
Ok so I almost got away with a nap here. Rhett was sleeping in the swing and addi and I were reading books on her bed, which turned into just her reading books and I think I dozed off for like 5 minutes. :)
Sweet lamb.
Josh picked up chuys and after dinner I made homemade hot fudge cookie sundaes. Holy yum. The baby weight will come off eventually. Right? ;) 
Hope y'all had a great day!!

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