Friday, March 15, 2013

Major Catch Up

I am thankful we haven't had any real bad sickness this winter, but there have been several days where Addi has been under the weather. This was probably the worst it got. One night she woke up screaming and having night terrors. It scared me so bad. Her fever wasn't that bad and we later found out with mild fevers it can cause nightmares and night terrors in toddlers. Poor baby. She was talking about a bug she saw and we couldn't get her to snap back to reality. :(
 This was during one of my checkups! Addi was giving me some solid advice. She said, "if a baby kicks, it means they are your friend." Good to know!!! This girl cracks me up!
 This was during her sick day. Poor Belle gets so worried about her.
 She was all better and raring to go this day with her Spiderman purse!
 While Hadley was here, the girls had a blast playing together. It was so fun to hear their conversations.
 Just taking a little break at playgroup! Haha!
 This was after the shower. Poor bear was so tired.
 So was her Daddy!
 One of her favorite things is to watch the ladies at Hobby Lobby cut fabric. She's fascinated by it!
 Y'all have got to try these muffins. DELISH.
 So scary story. One Monday night while Scott and the kids were in town, we all went to Red Lobster for dinner. We left at 8:00 and 15 minutes later the restaurant was robbed with the customers still inside. Thank goodness no one got hurt, but when I found out the next day it made me ill. Towards the end of the meal, the girls took Addi up front to look at the lobster tank while we finished up eating. They would have been all alone when the robbers came in, and Addi gets so upset with loud noises and yelling. It just breaks my heart to think of how traumatic it would have been for her. Thank you God for sparing us from that situation and thank you for protecting those who were in the restaurant. Little Rock has gotten so bad lately. It seems like there is a shooting or a robbery every day near us. 
 This was one day I was under the weather! Addi cheered me up by decorating my face for Easter. ;)
 Sweet Belle is just about to drive me bananas. She won't leave my side. It's very endearing, and I know it's because she senses Rhett is coming soon, but man, I need my space girl!
 Addi has been loving playing in Rhett's room and playing with all of his toys. 
 More playgroup fun!

 These two just love each other so much. :)
 Sweet girls!
 The weather is FINALLY getting so so nice!!! We've spent several afternoons outside and I'm loving it.

 I really don't know who was having more fun!
 Ice cream on the porch one night. :)
 Picnic outside!
 Starbucks is great, but free Starbucks?? AWESOME.
 Today, Addi woke up with a tummy bug. Poor thing. This afternoon she hadn't thrown up in awhile and was getting her energy back. I'm glad Josh and I were spared. He was feeling queasy but I think it missed us. I've sanitized everything and done what seems like eighty loads of laundry today. Haha! 

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