Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas

We finally bribed Addi enough to wear a pretty reindeer smock instead of her Woody pj's. I was sad I didn't get a better picture. We had to change her once we got to Josh's grandma's house because she spilled apple juice all over it. 
She has loved spending time with Rhen and Michael!

 Opening stockings. 

 Snowman contest! 

 Josh won for best snowman. HILARIOUS.

 Poor Addi started running a little fever that night and was super pitiful. It's so sad to be sick on Christmas! She perked up a little to open presents, but wasn't much in the mood.

 She felt a little better going to Skipma's house later that afternoon. 

 We had to cut our festivities short because of the weather. They were calling for a blizzard that night so we went home early. It was sleeting while we were driving, but the roads weren't bad yet.
 Poor sick bear. :(
 So much snow! They were calling for it to snow till 7 in the morning. Crazy!!!
 Just beautiful. It snowed like crazy from about 7 til we went to bed a 2. It could have been more, but when we woke up it was almost 10 inches!!!!!!! I've never seen that much snow here. 
 Thankfully, our power didn't go out. I was so sure it would. Anytime a squirrel coughs, ours goes out, but it held up all day and all night. We stayed cozy and warm with puzzles and all our new Christmas toys. :)
Next up, our snow day pics!

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  1. Love the snowman game!! And completely jealous of the white Christmas.


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