Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Downtown Disney

I woke Addi up Wednesday morning with donuts and milk. We were sad to leave so I hoped that would make it better. :)
 We went into Downtown Disney for lunch and to kill a few hours before our flight. 
 I think Buzz was her favorite the whole trip. Haha!
 The princesses being a close second. 

 Mur took Addi to get her very own oyster and pearl! 
 Addi was so much more interested in the oyster than what was inside.
 She got a big one!
 Mur got a pretty little carriage setting to hold the pearl. Addi was so proud. She kept asking us to look at her oyster necklace.
 She loves trains!

 Lego land!

And then we came home! It was SUCH a fantastic trip and I cannot wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!

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