Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch Up

Hi friends! Long time no blog...again. I've got to get a better app on my phone that allows me to post from there. Any recommendations? :)

I kicked off my clean eating week with a green monster smoothie. I just love all the pretty colors and they are delicious. Even Addi likes them. You can't taste the spinach at all. 
Belle Belle wanted Addi to play with HER, not the ipad. Haha!
Another clean eating fav, was a banana wrap. It's just a fresh whole wheat tortilla, spread with peanut butter, and wrapped around a banana. So filling and good.
We got ready to celebrate the 4th by drinking out of crazy straws!
We also did some science experiments! Since it's so dang hot outside, we've been staying inside ALOT. Pinterest has been a life saver with fun activities for toddlers. This is just baking soda, and vinegar with a dropper. It creates mini volcanoes. Addi loved it and it kept her occupied for an hour. 
My little love muffin.
This picture STILL cracks me up. Josh was doing pull ups and Addi wanted him to do a pull up with her on the rocking horse. 
Happy Fourth of July!!!!
We celebrated by going to Searcy to swim with our friends and hang out at Papa's house!
Don't be alarmed! I had to go get my passport picture taken and it wasn't a great idea to take it after a full day of swimming. Isn't the resemblance uncanny?? ;)
For dinner Thursday, we made this INCREDIBLE pasta sauce that was pretty healthy too. It was ground turkey, with garlic, peppers and onions. Then tomato sauce with fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes from Scott's garden. So delish.
We actually had a rainy day Friday! Woohoo!! Addi enjoyed the day by eating peanut butter by the spoonful in front of Belle. 
She really was fascinated by the rain though.
Friday night's dinner was steaks, and then we used the rest of our tomatoes and this buffalo mozzarella. We broiled them and they were like little no carb pizzas.
Saturday, Addi and I made cupcakes for Brent's birthday party.
Sweet Lucia. Nandini made some really good chicken curry!!!
Sunday morning, Josh made, me, Treece and Mia waffles! They were so good.
Addi got into a tube of pink toothpaste Friday night, and I'm STILL finding it places. 
We went with Scott, Jeanette and the kids to dinner and a movie. We saw Spiderman (which was SO good) and Josh, Addi, Amber and Frannie went to see Brave. Addi has now seen that movie 3 times. 
Mia did my nails Saturday night. Cajun Shrimp is such a good summer color.
This morning, I started back on the eat clean track! I have lost 2 lbs already. I did "cheat" some over the weekend, but I tried to pick natural foods without any preservatives. That's been my goal so far. 
And just for fun. Addi and Josh were playing hide and go seek this afternoon. This is how Addi would hide. Haha!!! It cracked us up. 
Hope y'all had a great week! Treece is being induced in the morning so hopefully we will meet Eliza soon!!!!!! I can't wait! 


  1. What's in your green smoothie? I really need to start eating better.

  2. We def have to start doing more clean eating. I was making us smoothies for awhile but my stomach would hurt, after a huge round of tests we just found out that I can't eat dairy. But coconut milk is awesome with some fruit :-)

    Also that is the most adorable 4th of July dress I have ever seen!


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