Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Day in Phone Pics

Somedays you just don't feel like busting out your big camera and taking tons of pics, ya know? That's why I love my phone. It takes pretty ok pics for being a phone camera. Do y'all remember the flip phone cameras??? Gosh, those were terrible. I apologize if I have just offended you because you have a flip phone. I used to have one too and didn't get all the fuss over these new fangled "smart phones." Now I do. :)

Addi picked out her accessories this past Tuesday. She loves her new big puffy coat and she is obsessed with those monkey rainboots. So cute.
We've been trying really hard to get Addi to try new foods. The other night we succeeded in getting her to eat carrots and peaches! She will begrudgingly eat a few carrot sticks, but now peaches are her favorite. We told her that bunnies eat carrots and Super Why eats peaches. Whatever works right?
I picked up this cute little heart mug at Target the other day. I just love seasonal things!
Today while vacuuming, I moved the couch back and discovered this treasure trove. I always knew Dixie was a hoarder, but this is a new level. I wonder if they have a Hoarders show for dogs? ;)
We played with stickers today and Addi decorated my face. I *almost* walked out the door like this, but realized I still had them on my face.
I was taking a picture of Addi in the home store today and forgot to switch the camera back. I didn't even realize I had taken a picture of myself until I was scrolling back through pictures! I have extra large canine teeth and sometimes they hang over if I smile. My father in law likes to call me Fang Face when this happens. Here is a classic example. Hahahaha, I don't know why but this makes me laugh so hard.
THIS is what I was trying to take a pic of! Haha!
And for some reason, Addi has been listening to this song over and over again today. I'm just glad it's not Lil' Wayne.
Hope y'all had a great day!

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