Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Long Over Due Update

Wow, last week kicked my booty. I don't know what it was, but the energy literally drained from my body and it was just a chore to get out of bed in the mornings! I also caught a bug Saturday night, so I've been on the mend all day. I have a tried and true cure that works for me. If it's just a cold, I drink as much OJ as possible and sleep as much as possible. I felt like crud this morning, but tonight I feel 90% better. I am so thankful Josh watched Addi and basically let me sleep all day. Haha!

Here is what we were up to last week and this weekend!


On Monday, I went and got some new makeup. Very fun.
Monday night, we ate dinner at Big Orange with Papa and Lila. Walking back to the car, we walked by Warren's and noticed they were having a huge sale. I saw these boots and loved them! Josh went back that night and got them for me and had the box AND a chocolate milkshake waiting on the table after I put Addi down. SO SO sweet!!!!
Tuesday, I took Addi to go see Beauty and the Beast! She really enjoyed it, but got a little restless about halfway through. There were only two other people in the theater and they had a child, so I let her walk around some.
We brush Belle everyday with this brush, because she sheds so much. Dixie doesn't shed,but Addi thought it was hilarious to brush her. Dixie did NOT like that and snapped at her about mid way on the third brush.
On Thursday, we had some friends over for a delicious Mexican themed playdate! So fun. Here is Lily and Addi enjoying some YUM rolo brownie bites made by Lily's momma.
I really thought this would make Addi take a nap, but sadly she didn't. Sister hasn't had a nap in weeks!!!!
On Friday, we went with some twitter and blog friends to a church that had a really neat cafe and indoor playground all in one. We had a blast talking and the kids had so much fun playing. Here is the precious Sadie-lady!
Addi got stuck up in the play area so I had to go get her unstuck. Sweet Niki decided this was an opportune time to snap some pics. ;)
The girls just went crazy over sweet Sadie!
Sadie and sweet Amelia.

For dinner on Friday night, I made us buffalo chicken tacos. OH my word. These were delish!!! The kitchen was a wreck afterwards, but so worth it. Here is where I got the recipe.
Addi enjoyed her yogurt. ;)
Saturday was the day of three birthday parties. We were WORN out when the day was over. Here is Addi at the first bday party, Addy N.'s! It was owl themed and everything turned out so cute!
Addi talks about this girl constantly! I wish she lived closer. :)
Passed out, on the way to the second bday party.
Miss Eliot's 1st birthday! Hollie decorated everything just so perfect and it was precious. The theme was pink and grey, and the kids got to decorate cupcakes. So fun!

A smooch for Eli!!!
Cheryll and little Autumn.
A quick glimpse of the birthday girl!

On our way to the THIRD birthday party!!! Janelle's face cracks me up.
Addi was such a ham at dinner. She was around some of her favorite people, so she really showed out! :)
She said, "Oh my goodness!" We died.
Chocolate mess!!!
Scaling the wall.

What a fun weekend! I'm glad next weekend we don't have any plans! :)

Hope y'all had a good one!


  1. Ahhh all of Addi's outfits are so dang cute! She is just a doll! Glad you are feeling better. Oh and we also have that little trampoline, do yall have it inside? I hope you do-- that would make me feel so much more normal. haha :) Have a great week!

  2. I have SO much to say to this blog!
    First of all, how fabulous is Josh for going back and getting you those boots?! They are so cute btw. we are blessed to have wonderful men in our lives. :D
    Second, I absolutely love the pic of Addi and Eli smooching. I totally stole it. :D
    Thirdly, I had no idea you took that pic of me and Autumn! LOL Stalker!
    I love you woman!
    This blog rocked!

  3. p.s. so glad you are feeling better. I didn't even know you had been sick.

  4. Looks like you had another busy, but fun week/weekend!! love those boots!!

  5. glad you are over your sickness!!!

  6. Glad you're feeling better! We're not. Feel like absolute poop. All of us. :(
    Such a sweet man you have! Maybe if he hangs out with Ryan, some of that sweet stuff'll rub off?? ;)
    LOVE the "oh my goodness!" pic of Addi!
    And that trampoline knocked my kid the heck out, so thank you! :)


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