Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Need a New Name for These Posts...

It's time for another weekend recap! On Friday, Addi and I paid a visit to Jump Zone! I was surprised at Addi's reaction when we got there. She was kinda scared to go play without me. So unlike her, but we haven't been to a jump place in months, so I think she got overwhelmed. Oh well! It gave me an excuse to slide with her! Haha!
After awhile, she got over the newness and did her own thing. She found a pack of older girls to run with too.
This was the Superman jump jump. It's like an obstacle course and then a huge slide. I was SO out of breath going in and out. As pretty much the only adult playing, kids just flocked and wanted me to slide with them and carry them up the slide. I worked up a sweat! Silly Lily! Her momma took much better pictures than my phone!
Friday night spaghetti! And we also made chocolate chip cookies. And watched a movie. So nice.
On Saturday, Josh made the BEST waffles! Seriously, they were legit. We stayed in pj's for most of the day. I got a lot of orders done and Josh and Addi had some quality time together. :) I took this picture of Addi in the car and it cracks me up. She was watching Tangled and just had her little hand resting under her chin. Haha!
My friend Sarah, designed this stationary for me! I love it! I do believe she is opening a shop soon, so go check her out! She is also one of my favorite blogs to read.
At church this morning, we had a young man get baptized! We got all the kids out of children's church so they could watch (which I think is so neat) and Addi was so worried about him! The baptistery is up high and she was scared he was going to fall. Sweet girl.

We had a monsoon come through tonight! I'm beginning to worry we aren't going to have much of a winter. We had tornado warnings tonight, so strange! I wore this huge coat to dinner and rain boots and Josh asked me how my journey at sea was. Haha!
I just can't wait to show y'all the Easter and spring stuff I have in the works! Here is a little sneak peek!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I love the slide. So much fun!! Can't wait till S gets big enough I can frequent those places again, lol;))
    Your spaghetti looks yummo and just made me hungry!!
    I'm loving the Easter stuff!!

  2. The picture of Addi with her hand under her chin? Precious! That spaghetti looks SO good!! Pretty sure that's what we'll be having for dinner tomorrow night now. Well spaghetti that is - not sure it will look that delicious. Do you make your own sauce?? And thanks for the mention on the stationary - you're too sweet! :)

  3. Fun! We were sad to miss out on Jump Zone, but these kiddos can't seem to get well! Hopefully we will make it to your house on Thursday. (fingers crossed).
    Adorable stationary!
    I just adore the pic of Addi with her hand under her chin! :D

  4. We had fun hanging with you guys at JumpZone! LOVE the cute bunny! And, yeah, I forgot to order my V-Day stuff, and suddenly it was a day past deadline. :( It's hard to be me....

  5. I LoVe the bunny dress...I will have to check out what you have for boys! Darn rain...raining here now and we are under a flood warning :-( luckily too many hills for tornados!! and we need a jump zone!! lucky you!


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