Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All About Addi

I thought I would do a little update on what Addi is doing and saying.
  • She knows pretty much all of her letters. She gets some mixed up, but she can identify almost all of them.
  • We are working on numbers. Josh said he wants her adding by next month. ;)
  • The girl can count though for sure. She definitely might be math minded like her daddy.
  • She knows ALOT of shapes: triangle, square, circle, rectangle, diamond, heart, star, oval, crescent, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, parallelogram and trapezoid. Thanks, Melissa & Doug puzzles!
  • She can spell her name.
  • She is speaking in full sentences. Addi still has her own language sometimes, but for the most part, she communicates very well.
  • We are in the fit throwing stage, which has been fun. ;) When Addi gets especially tired, she gets very VERY dramatic. Cue big tears and fake cries. It's so pitiful!
  • Food has been getting better. We got her to try carrots and she eats them now. We told her that bunnies eat carrots and so she got really excited.
  • There are still some days where we can't get her to eat hardly anything. Strong willed just like her daddy.
  • Addi likes to call Belle, "flower" sometimes. I think she gets it from Tangled, because Rapunzel's mom calls her flower. It's really sweet.
  • Addi likes to fake us out sometimes by quizzing herself and purposefully answering wrong. Like she will ask herself, "what sound does a pig make?" And she will answer back, "moooo!" and think it's the funniest thing ever. Which makes us laugh really hard.
  • I think we may be close to giving up the paci. She only gets it at bedtime and naptime, and in the morning we put it in our paci jar and she says "night-night" to it, and usually doesn't ask about it until sleep time.
  • One of Addi's favorite things to do is watch football with Josh. When he gets home, she will grab his hand and say, "watch football?" and lead him either to our room or the game room. It's a dream come true for him. :)
  • She also likes to lay down sometimes during the day. Which is so fun. We all will pile in the bed and watch a show, and just relax.
  • Addi has gotten pretty bossy with the dogs lately. If they do something or she thinks they are doing something bad, she will tell them to go lay down or stop. Hilarious.
  • Last week at storytime, she REALLY wanted to touch the felt board and so she army crawled up to where it was, the whole time just being really sneaky and slowly looked around, stood up and touched it, then ran back. She really thought that nobody could see her!
Addi, you are the sweetest little girl I know and I am so proud to be your momma!!!

1 comment:

  1. super sweet! :D
    That's really good that she can identify most of her letters. That's HUGE for her age! :D


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