Friday, December 23, 2011

Playgroup Christmas Party!

Yesterday we had our playgroup Christmas party! It was so much fun!! Lots of yummy food, great friends, and fun times. Our best friends from Tulsa were in town and spent the night with us! Hadley and Addi had SO much fun, and I loved catching up with Janelle! I have to show y'all, as you know, yesterday was so scary, Addi pulled the dresser on herself. Well, that evening, I was trying to get us out the door to go to dinner and I couldn't find my keys (Janelle ended up finding them inside our nutcracker...) and I walked down the hall to find Addi finger painting with her toothpaste. I was just past the point of even caring and ignored it until Josh got home. Haha! The other day I was telling someone how easy Addi is. I should not have said that!!! I love her beyond measure, but this girl is just coming up with new shenanigans to get into every day!
Sweet girls at dinner!
Delicious ZaZa's salad.
Onto the party food! Chex mix.
Candied pecans.
Cracker candy.
Sugar cookies.
Cream cheese sausage balls. YUM.

Sweet little Max.

Decorating sugar cookies!

Operation no paci begins after Christmas!!!
Chatting! Haha!
We had a blast everyone!!!! Thanks for coming!


  1. Such beautiful children...
    So serious at times...
    Don't you just love that round table!!!
    Post lots of Christmas's pictures....
    I know you will be very busy going to all the places you have to go to...
    Merry Christmas to you Josh, Addie and your family... Great Aunt Jean

  2. We had so much fun!
    ZaZa's salads are yummmmmy.
    And toothpaste finger painting made me laugh. :)

  3. Love Zaza's!
    The party looks like a lot of fun. I wish we could have made it.


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