Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holly Jolly Weekend

This weekend was SO much fun. I love December because of all the hustle and bustle, but I do have to constantly remind myself the reason we are celebrating and I have to keep it in check. Otherwise, I commit to too many things and we wind up so busy we can't really enjoy the festivities. It is hard to not get caught up in all the "glitter" of Christmas and forget the main reason we celebrate. The birth of Christ. :)

On Friday, Addi and I had a self proclaimed PJ day. I had several activities lined up for us to do and we had a blast! I've been stocking up at Hobby Lobby on these little crafts and right now everything is 50% off so you can get these craft packs for a few dollars and buy yourself some precious memory making time. This one was a color your own gingerbread village kit.
Addi's favorite thing is to bring me my coffee. Once it's cool of course. :)
Pretty gingerbread things!
I was so impressed with her attempts to color inside the lines!
And this one too!

Addi didn't nap this day so I decided we needed another activity to do. We made cupcakes!

We made enchiladas for dinner and I have a little tip! If you boil your chicken, you know how long it takes to shred chicken to put in casseroles or whatever? I saw this idea on Pinterest, but you put the chicken immediately into your mixer with the paddle attachment and it makes perfectly shredded chicken in seconds. It works!

Saturday, we went and ate lunch at Milford, then Addi and I went to Niki's cookie exchange party! It was super fun and we had a blast. Niki had such a beautiful food table set up and all the cookies were so delicious.
Silly hat fun.
Ryanne joins in on the hat fun.
And of course, my daughter always ends up on some table at every party we go to. Sigh. :)
Maybe it is fun!

We have decided to switch Addi to the older classroom at church, so today she came and sat with us in big church until it was time for the kids to be dismissed to go to children's church. She did really good! She LOVED the singing, but when it came time for prayer or other quiet times, she was a little talkative. Haha! It was a good first attempt and I'm going to bring a quiet bag with us next time. The kids today got to do a fun stocking stuffer thing with crafts and even Santa was there! Addi was pretty indifferent until she sat in his lap. I'm pretty sure she would have sat there all day if she could have.

Giving Santa an M&M.

After church, we headed to Searcy for lunch and then to take our Christmas card picture.

A little sneak peek!

I ordered our cards tonight, so I'm excited to check that one off my list!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!!


  1. Sound like the perfect weekend to me! We have lots of PJ days too :) What a beautiful family you have!!

  2. what a perfect weekend! Can't wait to see the final card!

  3. OH! OH! I want I want... a gingerbread house or elf Addie colored...I want a picture of Addien giving Santa M*Ms and I can't wait for the family picture...already have the frame!!! The one in PJ/s are so so adorable...
    My decorating has been stop the place is a mess but got a very bad pain in my stroke hand and had to rest for the last three days a real bummer!!! But I am trying hard to get it done so addie can see everything... thanks for the blog it keeps me up to date...Oh also a picture of Scott (PaPPA) dancing....

  4. sorry comment by Great Aunt Jean


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