Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part One

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!!! We are back from all the traveling and slowly but surely getting things back to normal. Our house is a war zone right now. I usually clean before we leave to go out of town, but there just wasn't enough time, so compact that with an explosion of presents and it's just downright chaos.

Let me start with the day before Christmas Eve. We decided to do our Christmas, Christmas Eve morning since we would be going to Searcy that night. We ran around taking care of last minute errands and things like that.

We kicked the night off with a little trip to Starbucks.
Belle really enjoyed her new rawhides.
This is why I needed the Starbucks! Lots of last minute wrapping went on.
While I wrapped, Josh and Addi watched the rest of Frosty the Snowman and munched on some cookies.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care!
After the peanut went to bed, Josh started assembling.
Addi's Santa gifts!
An easel. It has a chalkboard on the back.
A princess tent. She calls it a house.
A teacart complete with Mrs. Potts and Chip!
Josh's pile.
Addi's pile from us.
My pile. Josh did good on the boots!!!
Look at our lazy dogs. They cannot stay up late!
I couldn't wait for Addi to wake up and see her presents! She went bananas over the tent.
I found this Marcel the Shell book on Amazon. So weird, but hilarious.
I had anticipated that this set of princess Barbies would make her lose her mind, but she got overwhelmed and didn't really react to them till later. She loves them now! :)
And then she wouldn't open her stocking. Oh little toddlers. ;)
She did spend a good chunk of time playing with her easel.
We finally just opened her stocking for her. She's terrified of the miniature Simba and Nala figurines.
Josh opening presents!
Like I said, she stayed in this tent for most of the day. She would take her Barbies in and out!
And she loved the tea cart too. :)
That's it for part one!


  1. Thank U Thank u Thank You for taking time out and posting this blog...I felt I was there...
    Sorry I did not get this place done!!!
    I had so many things I wanted you to oh and ah over and so many things for you to add to your Christmas collections...
    Dezra text to come over with Ross I told her sorry you can't get in the front door...
    Fran came and decorated four trees, I got the snowman hall done, dinning room and fireplace done but the rest not so much trees and tubs and bags all over , than life stepped in had to spend a day with eletrican, engine light in my new car came on spent a day in LR at car dealer etc. etc... So Christmas is over!!! called or should say texted Ross he is coming to help get the stuff all put away...Was very sad it was not done so Addie could play and pick out her favorite...I miss the times we had when I had Christmas and we got to spend our time together...
    Maybe Josh could come work in Heber at Baptist and you could take over this place with all the decorations and you could have a ball with Addie putting it all out and about!!!! I am afraid that is the only way she will ever get to see it again... I have faced the fact I am not able anymore it's the younger generation time to take over....and I am ok with it...So click on my profile or wall and you will see a little of the decorations...I am so glad you had a very happy and joyful Christmas....PaPpa Scott said he has tone down also will be taking Addie for new years eve so you young ones can party...
    He has moved into our spot and I have moved into my dad's staying in alone watching it on TV and going to bed early.... It is where we all should be... It's called the chain of life!!! lol Great Aunt Jean here...

  2. Super cute! Glad she loved her presents so much! :D

  3. Best Christmas Eve morning ever! And I love Addi's PJs. Tried to buy those exact ones for Lily but couldn't find them in her size. :(


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