Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Weekend

I don't have a lot to say about this weekend, but I do have a lot of pictures! On Friday, the Razorbacks lost and that was a bummer. Saturday, it rained quite a bit, which made for a nice lazy day, but we were sad that the tree lighting ceremony we were going to got cancelled. Today, we enjoyed church and having brunch at a new spot we LOVE. It's called B-Side. It's right by Lilly's Dim Sum on Rodney Parham. So good and the waitstaff make you feel so welcome and at home. I got something called a biscuit mountain. It was as good as it sounds! It was two homemade biscuits (BUTTERED) then topped with hashbrowns, sausage and then sausage gravy and on top of that was two fried eggs. I didn't eat the eggs or much of the sausage, but the rest was SOOO good. It might be our go to after church place from now on. I told Josh next time, I'm getting chicken and waffles. :)

This little stinker has been loving having the Christmas trees up. She is finally understanding a little better that we don't take ornaments off the tree. :) For the record, I've shattered as many as she has.
She sure does love standing in front of the tree, which makes for a cute picture!
Saturday night, Love Actually was on, and I sat on the couch, in the glow of the Christmas tree and watched it. SO nice even though I had 100 things to be doing instead.
Addi has turned into a little momma overnight. She has always loved baby dolls, but the past few days she has been carrying them around, changing their diapers, talking to them, swinging them around. It's so cute to watch her.
Kyle's sweet parents sent Addi a belated birthday gift. We were a little wary since it was an Eric Carle book about a spider, but she loved it.
Another tree pic! Love her face!
More baby love.
Changing the diaper. She talks to them the whole time too. I need to catch it on video.
Oh and random, but have y'all smelled this scent from B&BW? I went on Black Friday after all the madness and got 4 candles, a wallflower refill and a body wash for $26. I had coupons and they were doing big sales. I was pretty proud of the savings. :) But anyways, this is such a nice and relaxing smell!
So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Sounds pretty boring, but it was very nice. :) Hope y'all had a good one!


  1. She cracks me up with the faces she gives the camera! So cute!

  2. Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Do mine next? ;)
    I love the pics of Addi. She is presh! :D
    Can't wait to see you girls tomorrow!

  3. Your girl is so precious. That age is just the best IMO. Also... your tree is so pretty. Can you tell me where you got the ribbon/netting? I am in Ca, and cannot find any like that ANYWHERE! We just got a Hobby Lobby not too far from us. They might have it, but I haven't been up to check it out yet. I've been admiring it now for a couple years on other peoples blogs as well. :)

  4. Love Actually is one of my favorite all-time movies. :)
    What a precious girl!!


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