Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Week/Weekend

So....haven't blogged in awhile! Sorry about that! Josh stayed in New York for his conference and just got back tonight. It's been a LONG week! Haha! We are SO glad Josh is home. Addi and I missed him a whole lot. Here is a little bit of what me and Addi have been up to this week.

Wednesday-Addi had her 2 year checkup! We found out she is right on track for growth and height. 50% for weight, 40% for height. I was worried since Addi eats like a bird most days, but somehow kids just magically grow! :) Oh! I did pick up this juice at Kroger that has made me feel better about Addi's picky habits. It's a mixture of kale, spinach, broccoli, and lots of fruits to make it taste good! She LOVES it too.

Thursday-We got outside since it was gorgeous and went to the park by our house.

We went to Larry's Pizza afterwards for a little lunch date. :) I love little dates with my girl.

On Friday, Addi was feeling a little under the weather. She got her flu mist when we were at the doctor and I think it was just a side effect from that. So, we stayed in PJ's, watched movies, and baked.

On Saturday, we were supposed to go to a birthday party, but Addi hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and was still oozing and cranky, so we stayed home instead.

Saturday night, same old thing. Addi didn't sleep well and I couldn't sleep because I watched that dang Paranormal 3 trailer! Ah! It's so scary!!! And Sunday morning, Addi woke up super early so we splurged and got breakfast from McDonald's. I've been trying to detox myself from the New York trip and I've done pretty well all week, so I felt like we needed a little pick me up! :)

Addi likes to give Dixie and Belle treats everyday, and we ran out of them this morning. She started feeding them little dog food bites instead. Haha! She will say, "Here Belle! Sit....Yay!!!" Belle LOVES Addi. Dixie could care less since it's dog food and not a treat.

We couldn't wait till 6:15 to pick up Josh from the airport. I've had VERY limited adult interaction, besides my awesome twitter friends who kept me sane this weekend, and we have only been out of the house once or twice. It was time! Haha!

Tonight, once dinner was over and we were just sitting at the table talking. We noticed Addi was unusually quiet. You know this is never good! This is what we found...

*those are her fingerpaint soaps so it came out of her clothes. :)

Welcome home Josh!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Outside of that under-the-weather/not-sleeping-so-great stuff, it looks and sounds like you guys had a lovely week/weekend of girl time!
    Oh, and I had to laugh...'cause have you noticed that lots of Addi's, er, fun revolves around the bathroom??! ;) LOVE that little mischievous look on her face!!

  2. She is the cutest thing! You always have her dressed so adorable!

    My heart kind of stopped when I saw that paint on her clothes. Thank goodness for kid friendly items!

  3. Oh my!!!

    It's true---Addi loves a potty room! ;)


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