Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Addi's Birthday Weekend Part 3

Once we got to the house, I felt really a lot more relaxed. I knew we were in the home stretch! And I was SOO excited to see Addi's reaction to her special gift from Papa. Here are the decorations and party table!

Josh's sister, Rhen, made this amazing canvas to match Addi's birthday invitations.

First stop, was pizza.

Then, we couldn't wait any longer...

It's a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Addi's reaction was SO sweet and she kept saying, "I hold it?" We are the proud new owners of a 7 week old golden retriever puppy. We named her Belle. :)

Here is a link to the actual video. It's so super sweet. Thanks Janelle for filming!!!

Addi opened more presents and she had about the same reaction as the last time. Haha! Although, I'm pretty sure Papa and Daddy had a great time opening all of your princess toys!

Addi at exactly 8:55, her actual birthday.

Little Belle-Belle.

Aannnndddd another cupcake.

I crawled into bed after everyone left, after Addi was tucked in, and I left a ginormous mess to clean up in the morning. My eyelids were so heavy I just couldn't stay up another moment. I slept SO good that night and sweet Josh let me sleep till 10:30!!!!!! He got up with the puppy to let her out and Addi was exhausted and slept till 10:30 too. It was amazing. Sunday, we played with our new toy kitchen(Mommy and Daddy's gift) and our princess dresses. And we ate leftover pizza. And cupcakes. It was like two birthdays!

And in case you were wondering, Dixie was very indifferent of Belle at first. Then she was a little mean. Then, Dixie realized Belle will be able to crush her in a couple weeks, so they decided to be friends. :)

Thank you so much for all the birthday messages and wishes for our little girl! And thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. You made it so special for us!

Happy Birthday Addi!!!


  1. Such a cute party!!
    I love the food table and her cute little outfit!
    Good job!!

  2. SO cute!!! Happy Birthday to your precious little girl and congrats on the new addition to your family:)

  3. We were so happy to be there to celebrate her big day with her! The decorations were precious and Belle is flippin adorable! I cant wait to cuddle her! Love you guys! :D

  4. Love all the pictures! It looks like she had a great party - you did an awesome job, mama! Love Belle's name - such a pretty puppy!!


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