Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Monday

First....the winner of the ADORABLE Halloween bow from Sara is............NICKI!!!! Congrats Nicki! I hope you enjoy your bow just as much as I do! Aren't giveaways just so much fun? I think I might do one soon for something in my shop. :)

So onto today. We had so much fun!!! We got a visit from Kelli and Connor! Connor is just a few months younger than Addi, and from reading Kelli's blog, I feel like I know him! Haha! Him and Addi are so much alike in their personalities, so it was fun to see them interact. We took them to Chick fil A, because where else do you take two toddlers on a hot muggy day? :)

After lunch was some playtime!

An attempted hug...

After that, we headed to Target for a little shopping!

We had such a great time Connor! Thank you for coming to play with us!

Another bright spot of my day was my fall smocked goodies are coming in! I've been hitting up the pre-order and auction websites for smocked stuff on facebook. I really need to stop because this is just the beginning! :)

*Blogger isn't letting me upload this right so sorry it's turned wrong.*

Hope y'all had a great day!

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  1. I don t NEED to know this, but I'm going to ask anyway...what pages do you follow on facebook for smocked things? :)


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