Monday, August 15, 2011

The Great Vacation of 2011

Well we are back!!! Back from a week in Branson. Let me just say, despite how much fun we had, I am so glad to be back home and settling back into our routine. The orders have been piling up so after this quick blog post, I gotta get to work! :)


We left that afternoon with Mur and Granddad for Branson. Addi helped me finish up some packing before we left. :)

We stopped and ate at Market Place in Conway on our way. Our mini dessert was SO good!

Addi did so great on the way up! She was pretty happy when we got to the hotel though.


Mur and I did some shopping while Josh and Granddad took Addi swimming. I had been feeling weird starting early that afternoon, but just brushed it off. As soon as we came home from the Landing I started feeling LOTS worse. I laid down for a bit, thinking that would help, but it just kept getting worse. I took some medicine and for awhile I felt a little better, so I thought I would try and go to dinner. It was at an all you can eat crab legs place and I really didn't want to miss. Josh had to drive me straight back and I barely made it back to the room before I started throwing up. I took some more medicine and attempted to sleep it off. I'm sad I missed dinner and everyone else coming in. Addi was in good hands though!


I was still feeling sick. Better, but I was pretty knocked out from the medicine I took. Everyone else went to Silver Dollar City. I was SOOO sad to miss this, but Josh said he would take me and Addi back on Saturday. I stayed in bed the whole day and rested.

Thursday night I was feeling well enough to go to dinner. We went to the Dixie Stampede! It was so much fun and Addi LOVED it!!! She is really into horses right now so it was right up her alley.


The guys went golfing this morning and I was feeling almost 100% better. We decided we were going to get massages later then go out on the lake. I got a call from Josh later and he was feeling sick. NOOOO!!!!! He started throwing up too, so me and Addi hung out in Mur's room alot so he could get some rest. We took the kids to play on this little playground the hotel had.

For dinner, we went to Landry's! Addi was super tired and kind of a handful here! I really missed Josh this night! Haha! Mur started feeling sick at dinner! Luckily, hers just lasted the night and she was better in the morning.


Josh was feeling better! Yay! We went to Silver Dollar City and it was a blast!

This is the first picture of all of us and I'm looking like I have been sick!

The rest of the group left this day and it was down to us and Mur and Granddad again. We ate at Fudrucker's for dinner. So good!

Addi stole Granddad's ice cream cone! Haha!

We got her a little purse and she was in heaven!


We headed home! We made a pit stop at Larry's Pizza in Conway for lunch and poor Addi had been in the car for so long, she wanted nothing to do with food, she just wanted to play in the arcade! We all took turns playing games with her and when we were done, she had enough tickets to get a candy bracelet and a sucker. She thought the candy bracelet was the greatest invention ever!

Look at how sweet this is. She fell asleep on Josh while watching Nemo. So cute!!!

All in all, it was a great trip. We just could have done without the sickness! :) Hope y'all had a great week!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun!...ya know, outside of all the puking. :) Soooo sorry you guys got sick, but if Josh and Mur hadn't gotten all pukey after you did, I would've sworn you were pregnant or something. ;)

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time, well most of the time ; )


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