Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Addi-23 Months

Wow, I'm actually doing a monthly post on time! Shocking I know! :)

Addi you are 23 months old!!! How are you almost 2??? Let's see what you are up to!

-You are definitely about to be 2. Haha, you have started being a little dramatic when you don't get your way. Thankfully, you are still pretty easily distracted, but sometimes you are very stubborn!

-Your favorite movie right now is Tangled. You LOVE this movie and we watch it at least once a day. You sing along and even quote the movie a little. You say, "Hey Max!" "A dream!!!" and a couple other things that are so funny.

-You are slowly learning your ABC's. You can sing them and sometimes it's pretty clear!

-You can spell some of your name. You can say, "A-D-D-I," but then it kinda goes off the map and we usually get a nine in there somewhere. :) I blame it on everything you own being monogrammed.

-Speaking of counting, you really like it! Everything starts with two then goes to four though. :)

-Your vocabulary continues to amaze us every day. You repeat every thing we say, you have started asking questions, and started speaking in two or three word sentences. Sometimes I'm just in shock because you'll ask something and I'm like, huh!? How are you old enough to be talking to me???

-If you can't tell, I'm having a hard time with you growing up. :)

-Besides the bug scare of 2011, you are still our fearless child. Leaping off of couches, falling into pillows. As soon as you wake up, you just go for it. I love that.

-I'm tempted to put you on a toddler food bootcamp. Some days are okay, but somedays you just won't eat anything but fruit and goldfish. This is probably our biggest challenge with you.

-You have really been obeying these past few days. If I tell you no, about 90% of the time, you will stop what your doing. Of course, sometimes you just keep doing it, but I'm pretty sure that's normal. ;)

-Your Lila told me she caught you in her fingernail polish drawer yesterday and when she saw you, you started saying, "sorry!" "sorry!" and were scrambling to put all the fingernail polish back in the drawer. You have also gasped when I caught you with my makeup.

-You really like to "help" me. Today you brought me my shoes and told me to put them on. You will bring me things that you think I might need and help me use them or wear them. So very sweet.

-You and Dixie have been getting along really well lately. Dixie even played with you this evening. You and her played fetch for a little bit and she even let you lay on her.

-Potty training has started, but it's not structured at all and we are just taking it really slow. You like to sit on the potty, but so far you haven't gone yet. I'm not in a big rush, and we are just going to continue to take it slow.

-You are still very attached to moo-moo and your pap-pap (paci). Agh, this is something I just don't know what were going to do. You love your paci so very much and it comforts you, helps you sleep, but I'm just struggling on figuring out how/when to take it away.

-You have been so lovey lately, I just cherish that!!! You will come up to me and squeeze my legs real tight, or give me a hug or just come up and pat my back and say, "Momma!!!" Oh that just melts my heart. :)

Oh Addi, you just don't even know how much we love you little girl. You have brought such a joy into our lives and we cherish every little moment with you. You are going to do great things baby girl. I can't wait to see what God has planned for you. :)


  1. oh my gosh - she is turning into a little lady!! so cute!

  2. Aww, such a sweet picture. Love her lil grin!!! She's a dollface. They grow up SO fast!


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