Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Hi everyone! First, I have to say thank you for all the sweet words and prayers. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my Mimi passed away Friday morning. She was the sweetest lady I have ever known. I am working on a post about her with lots of old pictures that I'm also going to turn into a photobook for my family. Her health has been rapidly declining the past year, and she was suffering from Alzheimer's also. I know she's in heaven now and healthy and happy, but it still doesn't feel "real" that she's gone. Her funeral is this coming Saturday.

Lately, when Addi wakes up in the morning, she will ask for "shell." We showed her this youtube video called, Marcel the Shell with shoes on. It's really funny and weird, but she can literally watch it 1,000 times and ask for it again. So on Friday morning, she ate her waffle and watched "shell."

Friday was also dress like a cow day at Chick fil a. It just so happens that Addi had a cow onesie so we went to get free chicken! The line for inside was just ridiculous, so I just said forget it, but the sweet guy at the drive thru saw her onesie and she got her meal free. :)

That night we went out to dinner with Josh's dad and Jeanette. They were in town and missing Addi so we went to Bravo! I got the grilled tilapia that was topped with crab meat with a lemon butter sauce. It was SOOO good. Probably my new favorite meal. When we got back to the house, Addi had a little accident! I had pulled a bunch of tubs out of the attic to go through clothes for Rhea Lana's and put them in the hall when I was done. Well, Addi ran through the hall and since it was dark, she ran right into one of the tubs. :( She has a little bit of a black eye now. It was so sad.

On Saturday, Addi and I did a little baking!

It's safe to say, she really enjoyed getting to mix and pour the ingredients! But, she REALLY enjoyed the finished product!

Josh went and got Addi a little blow up pool since she's always asking to go outside, but it's SO hot, so this will be nice and cool.

Haha! What a good little helper. Once Josh got it blown up, we went outside and literally within a minute, Addi and I were eaten alive by mosquitos. I even put spray on her, but missed a little spot on her back and her face. Needless to say, she got bit right between the eyes. :( Now she has a black eye and a big red spot! Poor thing!

That night, we went to our friend's Brent's house for his birthday party. Addi loved playing in the yard, but it was SOOO hot! We didn't stay out there for very long, because we were pouring sweat within a few minutes!

Addi's sleep schedule has been really out of whack this past week. She's been going to bed just fine, but she will wake up SUPER early, like 5 or 6, then be so cranky I have to put her down after an hour and then she will sleep till noon. Anyways, so Saturday night, she went to bed at 8:30, but then woke up at midnight, then didn't go back to sleep till 2:00! Ugh, then she woke up at 5. I was SO tired, I had Josh get up with her and he put her back down around 6:30, then she slept till 1. So weird, and I'm hoping she adjusts herself soon!

Today has been extremely lazy and nice. We've been in our PJ's all day and watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC family. Josh told me he decided he wants to watch all the HP movies and I am ecstatic!

I made Addi some frozen banana chocolate pops for a snack today and they made such a mess!

This week is VBS at our church and I am very excited! Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. So sorry about your Mimi... was she your mom's mom or your dads? I would like a hard copy of Addie sitting on the counter stirring the cupcake mix... So so adorable..,Thanks for sharing this Blog. by the way Hobby Lobby has Mccalls patterns on sale for 99cents 10 per customer...Great Aunt Jean

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mimi. I am loving Addi's cow onsie! :) She is just too cute!

  3. So sorry about your Mimi. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Addi is adoreable in the swim diaper running around! It is so stinking hot outside!!

  4. So sorry about Addi's black eye AND big, between-the-eyes mosquito bite! (Lily got a couple of those awful things...mosquito bites, not black eyes!...this weekend too. Horrible Arkansas bugs!) And I'm especially sorry about your Mimi. :( If I actually checked FB more often than once a week or so, I would've known and sent lots of big hugs sooner. :(

  5. So sorry to hear about your Mimi. I will pray for you and your family.

    I hope Addi gets better from all her injuries. Lola is allergic to mosquito bites so she knows Addi's pain!

    I was reading your other post. I haven't blogged in a while so I had to catch up! Addi is so precious!!! I sure do miss you guys!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mimi. Praying for you all!

    Looks like you guys had tons of fun this weekend!! :) Addi is adorable! I love that you are baking with her. It's one of Anna-Kate's favorite things to do!

    Thomas can't get enough banana's so I'm going to have to try those frozen banana pops! Yummy!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your Mimi - it is so hard to lose loved ones.

    I am stopping by from Jenna's blog, and I always love "meeting" other Arkansas bloggers. We have a Chick-fil-A in LR, and so I am very glad you at least got to get some free chicken on Friday. I had both of our girls dressed as cows all day - so fun.

    Addi is precious!


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