Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yay for days like today!

Today was just the best day. Addi and I joined Michelle and Lily at the Rave for a free movie! We thought they were showing Over the Hedge, because that's what was on the website, but we ended up seeing Megamind. I was cracking up all through the movie, but I was worried it might be too scary for Addi. I was SOOOO proud of her for sitting through the whole movie!!! Granted, Michelle gave Addi a sucker during the last part, because otherwise we would have had to get up and leave. Thanks Michelle!!!

After the movie, we went to Chick fil A to meet up with the rest of the playgroup! I also have to brag on Addi, because usually she eats one french fry then she wants to go play. I think since we sat on the opposite end and she couldn't see the playground, she sat with me the whole time. That never happens! Also, when we did go play there were no crazy kids this time! Just a sweet little boy who helped Addi down the slide.

Sweet Lola!


We also went and picked up Jeanette's nephew, Jonathan at the airport. Addi LOVES Jonathan. Last summer when he was here, Addi only wanted him to hold her.

As soon as she saw him at the airport, she just CHEESED and was so excited to see him. They read books and played most of the afternoon.

I took them to meet Jeanette once she got done working and Addi was saying "papa?" "papa?" She missed them!!! After I dropped them off, I headed to Jason's Deli for a girl's night! I had SO much fun and it makes me love our church even more now! The girls that were there were hilarious and just so sweet. We stayed there talking for 2 1/2 hours! So nice to enjoy a girl's night out!

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to be productive since I don't have Addi with me! But all I really want to do is go lay out by the pool! Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!

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  1. Suckers are pure magic on a stick. :)
    Glad there weren't any crazy CFA kids this time around! I'm sad we missed that part!


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