Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Weekend!

We hung out with our playgroup again! This time it was for lunch at Chickfila and delicious fro-yo at Orange Leaf. Momma bear came out at CFA, there were two boys, probably age 10 and 8 that were literally wresting all around and up in the play place. First, they were way to old to be in there, two, there were small kids (like Addi) that they kept knocking into, three, their parents weren't doing anything about it. Grr!!! They definitley got the stank eye and a stern, "be careful around my baby" talk. THEN, some older girl who had laid down her instruction sheet for her toy (trash) pushed Addi for picking it up. Uh-uh. Not up in here. Nothing boils my blood faster than stuff like that. We left very quickly after that. It wasn't a good day for CFA. Haha. I really need to get a thicker mom skin.

Anyways, Orange Leaf was amazing as always. Addi hated mine, because I got toppings, but she ate half of Leslie's. Haha!

Friday night was Nichole's bachelorette party. FUN TIMES!!!!!
They said to do a ganster pose and I look like I'm posing for a book sleeve picture.

Me and the bride to be!


Mur and Granddad were in town, so we went and ate lunch at Mimi's! Addi was crazy, and at one point begged a server to pick her up. Which she did. It is getting really hard to take her out to eat. She's so busy and friendly she just wants to go see everything and everyone in the restaurant. Mercy!

That night, I made chicken spaghetti for dinner and we got a visit from Cassie! Josh is so sick of chicken spaghetti. Haha. I just love it so much, but I doubt we will be having it anytime soon!


In the nursery on Sunday, Addi got bit on the finger by a little boy. Apparently, Addi was going down this slide and Hudson was coming up and there was tension, and
Addi stuck her hand out and Hudson bit her. They came and got me during church to let me know since she was bleeding. She wasn't upset when I went in there, but they said she had avoided the slide since. Despite me freaking out about other things, this didn't bother me hardly at all. The little boy was Addi's age and probably didn't know better. What bothers me is the older kids that know better and still push and kick and hit.
Good thing chocolate makes everything better.

After her nap, Addi was being so silly. She loves to walk around in our shoes.

I hope y'all don't think I'm an uptight freak of a mom. I am just protective almost to a fault of Addi. She's my baby. :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend and I'm jealous of your Trey and Addy time.

  2. I'm so sad we missed Orange Leaf. :( That stuff is divine!
    And if it makes you feel any better, a 3-ish-year-old boy (after church on Sunday...on our church playground) told Lily she wasn't allowed to be on his "ship" (the bridge thingy), and I jumped all over him and informed him that the "ship" was for EVERYBODY and that he needed to learn to share!!! I'm pretty sure I scared Ryan. ;)

  3. I don't think your overprotective at all! My blood boils just reading it! Haha..

    Did you get my email with the Jon Jon pics? Did they work?


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