Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lazy Days are the Best Days

Today, Addi and I stayed at home in our pj's all day long. In fact, I am still in my pj's. :) I feel like we've been on the go so much lately, so it was nice just to do nothing. Plus, poor Addi is teething and hasn't felt good all day.

This morning we kicked it off with some breakfast. Is anyone else's toddlers getting more picky? I didn't think it was possible, but Addi has eliminated about half the foods she used to eat. I'm at a loss. Luckily, she can say what she wants now so that helps a little.

We read books for awhile. And I say "read" very loosely. Addi just hands me book after book and says, "see!" and I don't get a chance to open a page before she gets another one.

Like whoa.

After books, we grouped our plastic food into groups and practiced eating our vegetables. Haha, she has NO problem trying these, but when it comes to the real thing, she refuses.

We also made 680 cups of tea today.

After that, it was time for best Justin Bieber hair look alike contest. Addi won.

I asked her to give me a sweet smile.

We attempted a nap, but little bear woke up after 45 minutes with that sick sounding cry. Oh and should I mention, the first time I tried to lay her down, two minutes later she got her legs stuck in the slats? Yes, she did. And I couldn't push them out so I called Josh slightly hysterical asking him to come home. He asked if I had tried to turn her leg. Slid right out. I am in awe of my brain somedays, or lack thereof. Anyways, so we cuddled on the couch and watched Shrek 3 for the billionth time. Yup, those are cheetos. Don't judge me.

I like to call this the mom my teeth hurt face.

I love this.

After Shrek, we played with our babies. We fed, changed, rocked and put them to sleep. Addi LOVES babies. Especially real life babies, she always wants to hold them and gets a little upset if she can't. :)

We were SOOO happy when Daddy came home!!! Haha!

So that was our day. I know it was painfully boring, but it was just what we needed! Hope y'all had a great day!!!


  1. Your day sounds perfectly favorite kind of day, at home playing!! I look forward to making tea with Nellie Grace, even though she loves to play with her bath tea set like crazy. You are such a great Mom! I am all about celebrating the moments like this! Hope she feels better tomorrow!:)

  2. I LOVE it! It sounds like a wonderful day! And I'm quite familiar with the "Mom, read! But you only have 10 seconds before I'm on to the next one" routine. ;)

  3. My 2 year old LOVES Shrek and we have to watch it 5,937x a week. And when she is sick? I just don't turn it off. Ever.

  4. I love pj days! They are the best...looks like a wonderful time :)

  5. Lazy days are the BEST days!!
    And Lily would be soooo proud of the plastic food grouping/organizing you guys did. ;)


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