Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend was a very fun one! It was also very lazy, which is so nice sometimes. We've been getting TONS of rain so it's been perfect for naps and just doing nothing. :)


Janelle and Hadley came to Little Rock to eat lunch with us! We ate at Cantina Laredo and it was SO yum. We even got dessert! We couldn't help it, when we first sat down the table next to us got that apple pie skillet thing and it smelled so good! The girl's were hilarious through lunch! It's always an adventure taking two toddlers out to eat!

Addi and I enjoyed the brief sunshine while it lasted.

We grilled out that evening with Janelle and Andrew and it was so much fun. We talked their ears off about all the crazy pets we've had in the past. And showed them hilarious youtube videos. Fun times.


We went to Milford Track for our usual lunch spot. Always good, but we discovered they make the best chocolate chip cookies in Little Rock. Or at least I thought they were the best.

That night, Jeanette and the kids came to Little Rock and we all went to the movies. Addi included. Me, Addi, Dustin and Ashton saw African Cats and the others saw Water for Elephants. Suprisingly, for 3/4 of the movie, Addi just sat in my lap munching popcorn. I was cracking up because she was GLUED to the screen, but her little hand would be searching for the popcorn tub. She looked like such a little adult. There were parts that she got pretty anxious at, there were some intense animal violence scenes and she's really sensitive. Anyways, so the last 20 minutes we missed because to my dismay, there were other people in the theater and Addi was DONE. But, what I saw of the movie was SOOO good!!! I just love those Disney Nature films.


Such a rainy and yucky day. It's been raining literally ALL day. I'm so tired of this weather! I didn't take any other pictures because we stayed in PJ's all day. So nice. I'm relishing these lazy weekends because our summer has already started to book up and there are just a few weekends here and there that don't already have plans. Tomorrow is cleaning day and errands so I'm soaking up these last few hours of doing nothing!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Looked like a lovely weekend. Tell me about it with taking toddlers out to lunch...even the drive through can get out of hand HA! I noticed that we have the same name..well initials at least, I'm Ashley E too..the funnier thing is we my blog is called pumpkin patch HA! great minds think alike ;) Have a great week ahead.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! And I've definitely had enough of this rainy stuff too. :(
    See you Tuesday!!

  3. I'm ready for the rain to leave!!! I was across the street from you on Friday lunch..I went to Pei Wei:) It was such a beautiful day! I am ready for it to come back!

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I always love your photos of Addi, she is just the cutest little thing!

    P.S. Tagged you in a fun post on my blog :)


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