Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had the BEST weekend!!! On Friday, me and Addi just stayed at the house most of the day. We did go to the park that afternoon, because the weather was gorgeous!!! I'm so glad it feels like spring again. Here are some pictures at our time at the park. Addi was pulling up the grass and had a blast doing that!

We had a plan of eating Lean Cuisine meals for dinner since they are easy and low calorie, but neither of us wanted them. Josh surprised me by taking me to my absolute favorite place in Little Rock, Capers! Oh my word, go there and get a bowl of their shrimp bisque, it is unbelievable. We sat outside since it was so nice and Addi did great! She literally didn't make hardly a peep until the very end. She was just loving sitting outside and looking at the cars going by and all the people.

Saturday, we got a visit from Janelle, Andrew and Hadley and Rachel and Harper! Addi was thrilled to see her friends!

We took them to our favorite Saturday lunch place, Milford Track. We also sat outside here and it was wonderful, because the girl's just ran around while we ate. Oh I wish it were that simple. At least one of us was always missing from the table to make sure the girl's weren't doing anything they were supposed to!

It makes me so sad that they don't live closer, because the girl's had such a fun time playing!

Addi went down for a nap after lunch which was great because lately if she misses the naptime window, she doesn't take one. But, from the sun and just running around she was worn out and took a good long nap. When she woke up, I put her little hair in a ponytail! So cute!

She was being hilarious and making the funniest faces.

She was also being so sweet to her horsey. She would give it a hug and pet it's little head. So precious.

For dinner, we grilled some shrimp and veggies and just played outside for awhile. I love nights like that!

This morning, Addi was so cute in her little smocked bishop. She was munching some sausage balls on the way to church! One of our Sunday morning traditions is to have sausage balls. I like to freeze them and then pull them out and bake them. So yum!

We went and ate lunch at Cantina Laredo after church and then me and Nichole went shopping for dresses after that. We had NO luck finding dresses so the search continues!

Sorry for the picture overload! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. All of her different bows are just too darling!! She is sure a cutie!!

  2. Looks like you had fun! The girls are all so cute! Addi's clothes are just to fun!!!

  3. So love your posts...Thanks for sharing them!


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